A thought for Friday the 13th!


A thought for Friday the 13th!

I keep hearing every day about what is wrong with America. I keep seeing protests from all sides, about all sorts of issues. I keep seeing people screaming, cussing, and insulting each other. I keep seeing people saying that they are being held back and that is why they cannot succeed. I keep seeing people constantly putting more fuel into the political fire.

But what about calmly and respectfully talking to each other? What about trying to understand one another? What about working together to come up with workable solutions? What about finding a peaceful path forward? What about "a rising tide lifts all boats"?

When all sides talk past each other, when it is more important to get out your stupid talking points out before an idea is even proposed, and when it is more important to care about your own political or personal agenda than to make all lives better, we have a problem. You need to have your heads examined if you think things will get better by itself.

I saw the same sentiment when Bill Clinton was President. Some Republicans could not wait to get rid of him. The word “Impeachment” kept coming up over and over and they did. The same thing happened with President Bush 43. This time, some Democrats wanted the same. Then came President Obama. It was the Republicans’ turn again. And now we see the same thing with President Trump. Do people really believe that by invoking or trashing the names Clinton, Bush, Obama, or Trump 24/7, they will change minds?

My friends who are Democrats used to tell me that they did not like some of the things President Obama did. But because many Republicans were so vicious in their attacks, they hunkered down and voted for him for 2nd term. I am hearing the same thing from my friends who are Republicans. They dislike many things President Trump said or did. But by having the other side being absolutely unfair and malicious, they say they will vote for him again. Do Americans really need to know how many scoops of vanilla ice cream President Trump ate? Do Americans really care about how many times President Obama went to Hawaii? But when the media goes overboard with nonsense, people simply tune out.

If you keep on yelling fire every day when there is none, no one will listen to you when there is an actual fire. Do people really think that most people on the East and West Coast would give a damn about what people in middle America think, and vice versa? I know people in Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama, etc. who are happily driving their F150 with 200,000+ miles. They never heard of nor do they care about Tesla or Prius. I also know people in California, New York City, or Boston who think that the others are just a bunch of uncivilized dumb hicks.

I know many people who cannot understand why some people care more and provide better resources for illegal immigrants (free college tuition, welfare, and health care, etc.) than their fellow Americans in need. I also know many who cannot understand why some Americans are not more compassionate about an issue like DACA. I can give many more examples. Neither you nor any politician can make people change. Every family’s priority is their own households before their neighbors. Parents must feed their kids and put a roof over their heads before they can think about helping their neighbors. Why would this make them bad people?

Most of my FB friends are chess players. Think about both sides just like a chess game. Try to understand the full picture before spewing out more hate and anger. Are you doing your part to heal our nation or are you the ones who make things worse with your rage?

Think about it people! Happy Friday the 13th!