Additional qualifying path to Candidates 2020 - FIDE Grand Swiss


FIDE informs about additional qualification path to the Candidates 2020 - FIDE Grand Swiss.

Consequently, FIDE removes one qualification spot from the rating quota and passes it to Grand Swiss qualifier based on the understanding with World Chess.

The bids for the event are to be sent before February 9, 2019 to

Rules for the FIDE Grand Swiss 2019 (pdf)

Qualification for GS

Invitations for GS are determined according to the following criteria:

Average FIDE Rating of the 12 monthly lists starting from July 1
st 2018 to June 1st 2019.

One hundred (100) players qualify by their average rating.

For the purpose of deciding the 100 qualifiers by rating, the average ELO from the twelve (12) standard FIDE rating lists from July 1st 2018 to June 1st 2019 is used. In case of equality, two decimals are taken into consideration. If the numbers are still equal then the total number of rated games in all twelve standard rating periods is decisive: the player with the bigger number of games qualifies.

• Women’s World Champion as of June 1st 2019.
• Junior U20 World Champion as of June 1st 2019.
• World Senior 50+ Champion as of June 1st 2019.
• World Senior 65+ Champion as of June 1st 2019.
• One qualifier from the ACP Tour based on standings as of June 1
st 2019.

If any replacements are needed due to players in the top-100 withdrawing or declining to participate, the average rating list serves for the purpose as described in article 3.1. If any of the other 5 players withdraw or decline to participate, the next available highest rated player in the relevant category shall be invited to participate.

In addition, the Organizer of the event is entitled to include more players of their own choice. The number of additional players should be approved by GSC.