Alabama celebrated National Chess Day in unique way

Alabama's Chess Day tournament attracted a number of experienced young players and gave beginning K-12 chess players an opportunity to play in their first tournament.

National Chess Day, unique scholastic chess tournament
Updated on October 30, 2017 at 7:03 AM

In conjunction with National Chess Day, held on October 14, Alabama's annual National Chess Day Scholastic Tournament has become a tradition on the state's scholastic chess circuit.

National Chess Day is an opportunity for chess organizers and volunteers to showcase the fascinating mind sport of chess to a broader public. Throughout the nation, hundreds of chess tournaments and exhibition matches were played in public places.

This year's 'Chess Day' in Alabama was recognized by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey. The governor's proclamation commends the many volunteers, teachers, parents, and chess coaches for their work in the promotion of chess as a mind sport, educational tool, and enrichment of the culture. "Learning chess is a great intellectual joy and can lead to a lifetime of learning, challenge and adventure...chess is a universal mind sport that transcends all cultures," the proclamation noted.

Alabama's National Chess Day Scholastic Tournament has become a model for other states' chess organizers who are looking to build community partnerships with business and non-profit groups. Alabama's unique Chess Day celebration promotes chess in a very public way and donates all entry fees to Children's of Alabama.