Almasi on tiebreaks over Erdos at 2018 Hungarian Rapid Chess Championship


Final standings (top 32)

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The 2018 Hungarian Rapid Chess Championship is a 13-round Swiss tournament taking place from 20-22 July 2018 in Ajka.

Chess players receive 20 minutes for the entire chess game, plus a 5-second increment starting from move one.

Hungarian Rapid Chess Championship 2018 which is alsoIII.Csaba Árpád Memorial Competition and Ajka Rapid Open Championship

Competition:  2018.RAPID championship

Organizer of the competition:

Hungarian Chess Federation, Sportváros Ajka Nonprofit Ltd., Ajka Mining Sports Circuit and the Chess  Classes of  the City

Time and venue of the competition: July 20-22, 2018

Ajka, Nagy László City Library and Leisure Center

Address: 8400 Ajka, Szabadság tér 13.

To conduct the competition:

13 rounds in Swiss chess system, 2 × 20 minutes + 5 sec incremental bonus time

Participants of the competition:

The competition is valid only for Hungarian chess players with a valid Hungarian license, and Hungarian nationals or FIDE chess players with HUN markers.