My big admiration and respect for Anand for his love and passion for chess, and his willingness to battle again much younger players, one tournament after another. He will go down in history as one of the best to ever grace our beautiful game.

There is absolutely no question about his wealth of chess experience and knowledge. Not only we are friends for decades, all the way back to our junior years, I am a fan. However, I have to be objective. The key issue, not only for Anand, but all athletes approaching 50, is stamina.

Therefore, it is wrong for people to expect that he can perform in every tournament the same way he did when he was 25 or 30. However, it is also insulting for people to call on him to retire. Just sit back and enjoy his play just as we do with the great Roger Federer. They both should continue to play for as long as they are still motivated and enjoy the game.

I am looking forward to seeing many more spectacular games from the legend, starting in Wijk ann Zee. Happy New Year to all your readers and the entire Indian Chess Community.