And the Wild Card goes to ... Kramnik!


‪Kramnik got the Wild Card for 2018 Candidates Tournament to compete against Karjakin (loser of the world championship match vs Carlsen), Aronian, Ding Liren (top 2 in World Cup) & most likely Caruana & So (by average ratings) + top 2 from Grand Prix!‬

Vladimir Kramnik, 14th World Chess Champion, said: “I’d like to thank everyone who helped my nomination to the Candidates. Usually, the chess world’s attention is drawn to the tournament and taking part in it is a challenge for any grandmaster. I hope to show worthy performance and fight for first prize!”

Andrey Filatov, President of the Russian Chess Federation said: “I am pleased that FIDE and World Chess had selected Kramnik. For over 20 years he is in the top three world’s strongest chess players, and for seven years he’s been the World Champion. Kramnik is extremely popular among chess players and will his participation will certainly generate additional attention and drama. - Chessdom