August 2018 FIDE Chess Newsletter


2nd World Junior Chess Championship for the Disabled took place in Cherry Hills, N.J., USA from 8th to 12th of August 2018.

The 2nd FIDE World Junior Chess Championship for the Disabled was held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. IO Beatriz Marinello, Chief Arbiter Carol Jarecki and FIDE Commission for the Disabled (DIS) Chairman GM Thomas Luther took care of the organization of the event.

Players from the USA, Germany, Russia and Uganda competed in this World Junior Event. Two new USA Players this year, Pranav Shankar and Robert Eggleston participated in the event. Another new face in the tournament is John Denis Mwesigye who joins Wasswa Sharif Mbaziira of Uganda as his teammate with accompanying coach Robert Katende of the Disney movie, The Queen of Katwe. The Head of Delegation for the Russian Team, Mr. Zbigniew Antoni Pilimon and their official coach Svetlana Gerasimova, accompany players Ilia Lipilin and Maksim Petrov.

World Junior Chess Championship for the Disabled - Final Standings:

  1. LIPILIN, Ilia (RUS), 7.0
  2. PETROV, Maksim (RUS), 5.5
  3. MCCONNELL, Grin (USA), 5.0
  4. ZIMMER, Johannes Raphael (GER), 4.0
  5. MWESIGYE, John Denis (UGA), 2.5
  6. MBAZIIRA, Wasswa Sharif (UGA), 2.5
  7. SHANKAR, Pranav (USA), 1.5
  8. EGGLESTON, Robert (USA), 0.0

World Junior Chess Championship for the Disabled - Team Results:

  1. Russia
  2. USA
  3. Uganda

Asian Nations Cup Chess Team Chess Championship 2018 was held in Hamadan, Iran from 27th of July till 4th of August 2018.

The Iran Mens team and Chinese Womens team won the Asian Nations Cup organized by the Chess Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation from 27 July to 4 August 2018 in Hamadan, Iran. The Iran team made a hat trick winning the Rapid and Blitz championships as well. The Chinese women won their Rapid event while the Indian women won the blitz championship.

The all-GM Iran Green team of Parham Maghsoodloo, Pouya Idani, M. Amin Tabatabaei, Aliereza Firouzia and Masoud Mosadeghpour beat Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, China, India, Vietnam, drew with Iran Red team and then blanked Iraq to finish alone in first with 13 points of a possible 14 in standard chess. Fourteen teams from 12 countries participated in the 7-round Swiss System event. Finishing with 10 points each, India placed second by tie break followed by China in third place.

Gold medalists on boards 1 to 5, respectively, were GM Maghsoodloo of Iran, S.P. Sethurman and GM Krishnan Sasikiran of India, GM Alireza Firouzja and Gholami Orimi Mahdi of Iran.

In Rapid Chess, Iran Green won with 12 points. China, India and Uzbekistan finished with 10 points each, finishing in that order by tie break. In Blitz Chess, Iran green win with 14 points followed by China with 12 and Vietnam with 10.

Round by round results, final standings and board medalists

The Chinese womens team of GM Lei Tingjie, IM Shen Yang, WGM Wang Jue, IM Guo Qi and WGM Zhai Mo beat Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, Iran Red, Iran Green and Syria then drew with Uzbekistan to win the 8-team round robin with 13 points out of a possible 14. Vietnam finished in second place with 11 points followed by India with 8 points for third place, prevailing in a tie with Uzbekistan who also finished with 8 points.

Gold medalists on boards 1 to 5, respectively, were IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh of Iran. IM Shen Yang of China, WGM Guliskhan Nakhbayeva of Kazakhstan, IM Guo Qi and WGM Zhai Mo of China.

In womens Rapid, China won with 14 points followed by India with 10 and Iran with 9. In womens Blitz, India won with 13 points followed by Vietnam with 12 and China with 9 points each.

Eastern Asia Youth U8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Chess Championship 2018 was held in Shanghai, China from 1st till 10th of August 2018.

Chinese Chess Association (CCA) under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF) and World Chess Federation (FIDE) organized the 3rd Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship, which was held in Shanghai, China, from 1st August (Arrival) - 10th August (Departure) 2018. More than 220 young chess players from across East Asia have flocked to Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, where the 3rd East Asia Youth Chess Championship, the players are from 11 East Asian countries and regions including China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Final Results

Eastern Asia Juniors and Girls Chess Championships 2018 took place in Jeongson, South Korea from 1st till 9th of August 2018.

Open Results

1 Quizon Daniel 2285 PHI

2 Ahn Hongjin 2126 KOR

3 Nguyen Hoang Duc 1999 VIE

Girls Results

1 Mordido Kylen Joy PHI

2 Singgih Diajeng Theresa INA

3 WFM Nguyen Thi Minh Oanh VIE

Asian Junior and Girls Championships 2018 was organized in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 17th till 26th August 2018. The event was organized in the Central Palace of Culture of Mongolian Trade Union by Mongolian Chess Federation. 31 players participated in Open tournament, while 34 girls took part in the girls section. 

Girls Results

1 WIM Uuriintuya Uurtsaikh MGL

2 WIM Chitlange Sakshi IND

3 WFM Altantuya Boldbaatar MGL

Open Results

1 FM Priasmoro Novendra INA

2 IM Yakubboev Nodirbek UZB

3 Agibileg Uurtsaikh MGL

European Youth Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships was held in Oradea, Bihor County, Romania from 31st of July till 5th of August 2018 with participation of almost 300 players from around 20 European federations who competed in different sections of 4 events.

The event opened with European Rapid Individual Youth Chess Championship which was played in 6 age categories (open and girls separately): U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18, on 1st and 2nd of August.


Open U8: 1. Usov Aleksandr (RUS) 2. Cruceru-Uceanu Tudor-Mihai (ROU) 3. Karvatskyi Oleksii (UKR)

Girls U8: 1. Cretu Sofia (ROU) 2. Ciocirlan Bianca-Alexandra (ROU) 3. Kiss Abiqel (ROU)

Open U10: 1. Bialiuaski Artsiom (BLR) 2. Pershin Patrik (RUS) 3. Magold Filip (ROU)

Girls U10: 1. Shukhman Anna (RUS) 2. Babic Milana (BIH) 3. Babic Masa (BIH) Open U12: 1. Lazavik Denis (BLR) 2. Spizharny Mikhail (BLR) 3. Creanga Robert-Ionut

Girls U12: 1. Gaal Zsoka (HUN) 2. Mihelic Vesna (SLO) 3. Mikheeva Galina (RUS)

Open U14: 1. Tsaruk Maksim (BLR) 2. Baum Jonasz (POL) 3. Morgunov Marc (AUT)

Girls U14: 1. Trifoi Mihaela-Ioana (ROU) 2. Lehaci Miruna-Daria (ROU) 3. Ciolacu Alessia-Mihaela (ROU)

Open U16: 1. Blohberger Felix (AUT) 2. Kozak Adam (HUN) 3. Psyk Radoslaw (POL)

Girls U16: 1. Hryshchenko Kamila (UKR) 2. Olde Grete (EST) 3. Hercog Nusa (SLO)

Open U18: 1. Deac Bogdan-Daniel (ROU) 2. Costachi Mihnea (ROU) 3. Banzea Alexandru Bogdan (ROU)

Girls U18: 1. Olde Margareth (EST) 2. Rozman Monika (SLO) 3. Polterauer Chiara (AUT)

European Teams Rapid Chess Championship took place on 3rd August with participation of 70 teams composed of four players from the same federation. The event was played in 7 rounds in two age categories U12 and U18, open and girls separately.


Girls U12: 1. Russia A 2. Russia B 3. Romania Verde Open

U12: 1. Belarus B 2. Belarus A 3. Romania Rosu Girls

U18: 1. Slovenia B 2. Slovenia A 3. Poland Open

U18: 1. Austria 2. Romania Galben 3. Poland

European Youth Blitz Chess Championship 2018 was played on the last day of the event, on 4th of August. The Championship was played in 3 age categories, boys and girls separately: U10, U14 and U18.


Open U10: 1. Usov Aleksandr E. (RUS) 2. Bialiuski Artsiom (BLR) 3. Karvatskyi Oleksii (UKR)

Girls U10: 1. Shukhman Anna (RUS) 2. Babic Masa (BIH) 3. Maria Lia-Alexandra (ROU)

Open U14: 1. Persanyi Barnabas (HUN) 2. Koziorowicz Michal (POL) 3. Subelj Jan (SLO) Girls U14: 1. Lehaci Miruna-Daria (ROU) 2. Wikar Martyna (POL) 3. Ciolacu Alessia-Mihaela (ROU)

Open U18: 1. Costachi Mihnea (ROU) 2. Horvath Dominik (AUT) 3. Mesaros Florian (AUT)

Girls U18: 1. Olde Margareth (EST) 2. Olde Grete (EST) 3. Hercog Nusa (SLO)

Besides the chess activities for players, ECU and FIDE seminars for trainers and for chess in schools teachers certificate were organized during the Chess Championship.

Official chess

European Senior Chess Championship 2018 took place in Drammen, Norway from 3rd till 13th of August 2018.

The chess event was played in two age categories: 50+ and 65+. The title of European Senior Chess Champion for category 50+ went to GM Simen Adgestein (NOR, 2576) who became the sole winner of the event with score of 8 points. The second place went to Conny Holst (SWE, 2147) and Peter M Gayson (ENG, 2150) took the bronze medal thanks to the tiebreak criteria.

In women's section 50+, the first place came to WIM Brigitte Burchardt with 6.5 points who maintained the sole leadership until the end of the event. Olga Birkohlz (GER, 2048) came second and Sylvia Johnsen (NOR, 1977) ended the event as third.

In section 65+ the top trio was determined by tiebreak system, since four players tied for the first place, each with 6.5 points. Eventually, Vladislav Vorotnikov (RUS, 2445) took gold, Askell O Karason (ISL, 2217) was second and Nils-Gustaf Renman (SWE, 2348) finished with bronze medal. The best women player of section 65+ was Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO, 2305) and she was crowned as European Senior Women Chess Champion 2018. The second place went to Elena Fatalibekova (RUS, 2181) and the third place came to Tamar Khmiadashvili (GEO, 1969).

Official chess website:

European Youth Chess Championship U8-U18 2018 was organized in Riga, Latvia from 19th till 30th of August 2018.

Official chess website:

European Youth Chess Championship 2018 took place from 19th-30th August in Riga, Latvia, with participation of almost 1100 players coming from 46 different European federations.

The Closing ceremony was attended by the ECU representative and the Minister of Finance of Latvia, Women Grandmaster, Mrs. Dana Reizniece-Ozola, who greeted all the players, congratulated them on huge success and officially closed the event.

The Winners are:

Open - U8: 1. Azadaliyev Jahandar (AZE) 2. Gordeev Denis (RUS) 3. Golovchenko Bogdan (RUS)

Girls - U8: 1. Zubkovskaya Ekaterina (BLR) 2. Preobrazhenskaya Diana (RUS) 3. Iudina Veronika (RUS)

Open - U10: 1. Pingin Artem (RUS) 2. Kuhn Clement (FRA) 3. Bialiauski Artsiom (BLR)

Girls - U10: 1. Shvedova Alexandra (RUS) 2. Shukhman Anna (RUS) 3. Zhapova Yana (RUS)

Open - U12: 1. Murzin Volodar (RUS) 2. Makoveev Ilva (RUS) 3. Mitusov Semen (UKR)

Girls - U12: 1. Karmanova Olga Dm. (RUS) 2. Bashylina Luisa (GER) 3. Tarasenka Aliaksandra (BLR)

Open - U14: 1. Pogosyan Stefan (RUS) 2. Tsoi Dimitry (RUS) 3. Bjerre Jonas Buhl (DEN)

Girls - U14: 1. Allahverdiyeva Ayan (AZE) 2. Hakobyan Astqhik (ARM) 3. Krasteva Beloslava (ECU)

Open - U16: 1. Sonis Francesco (ITA) 2. Remizov Yaroslav (RUS) 3. Zarubitski Viachaslau (BLR)

Girls - U16: 1. Bulatova Kamaliya (RUS) 2. Badelka Olga (BLR) 3. Antova Gabriela (ECU)

Open - U18: 1. Ioannidis Evgenios (GRE) 2. Vykouk Jan (CZE) 3. Erenberg Ariel (ISR)

Girls - U18: 1. Dimitrova Aleksandra (RUS) 2. Kiolbasa Oliwia (POL) 3. Kalaiyalahan Akshaya (ENG)

African Youth Chess Championships 2018 was be held in Kisumu, Kenya from 11 to 19th of August 2018.

Under the auspices of the African Chess Confederation (ACC), Chess Kenya Federation (CKF) was held in Kenya the 2018 African Youth Chess Championships. The Championships took place at Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya from Saturday, 11 August 2018 (official arrival date), to Sunday, 19 August 2018 (official departure date).

This years competition has attracted players from 13 countries with East Africa being represented by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Other participating countries include Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Cameroon, Somalia. North Africa will be represented by Egypt and Algeria.

Kenya was represented by 58 players, with South Africa fielding in 23 players, Algeria 17 players Namibia 15, while Uganda and Zimbabwe had 14 players each during this years Championship.

There was 12 categories during the one-week outing, including U08, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 both open and girls. The game format was a nine round Swiss event with time control of 90 minutes plus 30 seconds.

Final Results

List of the tournaments in September:

World Junior and Girls U20 Championship 2018

Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey 4-Sep-2018 16-Sep-2018

43rd World Chess Olympiad 2018

Batumi, Georgia 23-Sep-2018 6-Oct-2018

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Information for the Captains

89th FIDE Congress

Batumi, Georgia 26-Sep-2018 6-Oct-2018