Battle of the Titans! Russia v China!


Round 2

Sarana, Alexey Lu, Shanglei 1-0
Chigaev, Maksim Bai, Jinshi 0-1
Esipenko, Andrey Xu, Xiangyu 1-0
Xu, Yinglun Predke, Alexandr 0-1
Wen, Yang Fedoseev, Vladimir ½-½
Zhai, Mo Potapova, Margarita ½-½
Ding, Yixin Shuvalova, Polina 1-0
Zhu, Jiner Garifullina, Leya ½-½
Dordzhieva, Dinara Huang, Qian ½-½
Bivol, Alina Ning, Kaiyu 1-0

Round 1

Lu, Shanglei Fedoseev, Vladimir 1-0
Bai, Jinshi Sarana, Alexey 1-0
Xu, Xiangyu Chigaev, Maksim 1-0
Esipenko, Andrey Xu, Yinglun 1-0
Predke, Alexandr Wen, Yang 1-0
Potapova, Margarita Ning, Kaiyu 0-1
Shuvalova, Polina Zhai, Mo ½-½
Garifullina, Leya Ding, Yixin 1-0
Zhu, Jiner Dordzhieva, Dinara 1-0
Huang, Qian Bivol, Alina ½-½

A traditional Russia - China match will be held in the Central Chess Club in Moscow on November 25-30. Men's and women's teams will take part in the competition. Each team consists of 6 members: 5 players and 1 coach.

Line-up, men:

Russia: Vladimir Fedoseev, Alexandr Predke, Alexey Sarana, Andrey Esipenko, Maksim Chigaev.

China: Wen Yang, Lu Shanglei, Bai Jinshi, Xu Xiangyu, Xu Yinglun.

Line-up, women:

Russia: Polina Shuvalova, Margarita Potapova, Leya Garifullina, Alina Bivol, Dinara Dordzhieva.

China: Huang Qian, Ding Yixin, Zhai Mo, Zhu Jiner, Ning Kaiyu.


China - Yu Shaoteng, Russia - Alexander Motylev and Vladimir Potkin.

The matches will be played according to the Swiss system with fixed pairings in 5 rounds.

The match days: November 26-30. All games will begin at 3 p.m. (Moscow time).

Time control – 90 minutes for 40 moves, 30 minutes to the end of the game + 30 seconds for each move starting from move 1.

Chief arbiter – IA Boris Postovsky (USA).