Beware! Stockfish Chess Engine! roars again!


Stockfish is the sole leader of the Premier Division of the Top Chess Engines Championship. After 18 rounds Stockfish has collected 13 points – nine wins, one loss, and eight draws. This is a point more than last year’s champion Houdini – six wins and twelve draws – and two points more than Komodo.

Fire 021718, which ultimately will be released as Fire 7, is very close to challenging the medal positions. It has 10,0/18 and has lost only one game against Stockfish, holding to a draw all other top engines and winning against the bottom half. Chiron had a strong start and was undefeated for the large part of the event, now it is at 9,5/18. The winner of First Division Andscacs is at a secure sixth position with 7,5/18.

More about TCEC Season 11

The Premier Division of TCEC aka “The Final Eight” started February 13 at 19:00 CET and you can follow it on the official website and also on the Twitch video channel where viewers crossed the 1 million mark this month.

Defenchess wins TCEC Division 4 / Fritz wins TCEC Division 3 / Jonny wins TCEC Division 2 / Andscacs wins TCEC Division 1 / TCEC facebook page

Replay with analysis

Houdini – Andscacs 1-0 QGD: Classical, 5…O-O 6.e3 Nbd7
Komodo – Stockfish 1-0 Semi-Slav: Botvinnik, Lilienthal Variation
Fizbo – Andscacs 0-1 Neo-Queen’s Indian
Andscacs – Stockfish 0-1 Spanish: 4.Ba4 Be7
Fizbo – Stockfish 0-1 Indian: 2.Bf4
Ginkgo – Houdini 0-1 QGD: 4.Nf3
Fire – Ginkgo 1-0 French: Tarrasch, Closed, 8…f6 9.Nf4


  1. Stockfish 13,0/18
  2. Houdini 12,0/18
  3. Komodo 11,0/18
  4. Fire 10,0/18
  5. Chiron 9,5/18
  6. Andscacs 7,5/18
  7. Fizbo 5,0/18
  8. Ginkgo 4,0/18