Bobby Fischer, an incredibly charismatic World Champion!


Unfortunately, most people did not know him well, especially after 1972. He did not trust too many people, and for good reason. Many were just using him and did not think twice about making money off him any way they could. Some wrote absolute nonsense just to sell books or make movies. The chess players who probably knew him best after 1972 are Eugenio Torre, Boris Spassky, Pal Benko and me...

In 1972, Mike Wallace profiled the infamous Bobby Fischer, who was then only 29 years old and training for his Cold War showdown against Russia's Boris Spassky. Here's an excerpt from that story:

WALLACE: Winning for winning's sake is important, but do you like to beat another man?FISCHER: Yes, I like to beat another man.WALLACE: You smile about it. Do you like to crush another man's ego?FISCHER: Uh-huh, so when they go home that night, they can't kid themselves that they're so hot.

We all know how Fischer's story ended, sadly, but the board is still a world of opportunity for today's young superstars.