"Chess Club Nona" is awarded with "The Gold star" in Paris


The "Chess Club Nona" is awarded with "The Gold star" in Paris

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 09:26

On October 21-23 in Paris carried out the World Quality Commitment Convention by BID (Business Initiative Directions) and BID Group One. Within this forum Batumi Chess Club Nona has been awarded “The Gold Star”, for immeasurable contribution to the business world, for high standing and professionalism demonstrated by important performances, and also for the shown impressive success achieved for a short time. Correctly chosen strategy and effective management, also high level of the official site of Chess Club Nona have been noted.

At the initiative of the head of BID José E. Prieto and group of the leading professional persons in the sphere of science, culture, education, business and engineering "The Culture of Quality" around the world takes root and develops.

The main sponsor and the partner of "World Quality Commitment Convention" - ImarPress providing illumination of the convention in all leading mass media: TV, magazines and radio within two years will distribute information on work of Club "Nona" around the world.

On Convention leading companies and the organizations from many countries have been presented. They have held the presentations of the organizations. Among them there was as well "Chess Club Nona".

The scientific seminar about the culture of quality and its role and value in the modern world has taken place. Representatives of "Chess Club Nona" have taken active participation in work of this seminar.