Chess Election Update: Response from Mr. Makropoulos to Mr. Dvorkovich


Dear members of the FIDE Electoral Integrity Committee,

I write regarding the complaint that you have received from Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, I would like to note the following;

  1. The positions of principals are awarded to people on the basis of their experience and the valuable voluntary contribution towards the functioning of FIDE. This has been a standing principle.

    With regards to the countries mentioned in Mr. Dvorkovich's complaint; Austria, Georgia, Greece, Germany, I further inform you that;

    a) Nikolopoulos, Takis (GRE), Japaridze, Marika (GEO), Tandashvili, Margarita (GEO) were proposed for nomination by the Organizers

    b) Deventer, Klaus (GER), Kytharidis, Argiris (GRE) were proposed for nomination by Europe (ECU)

    c) The Chief Arbiter, Takis Nikolopoulos, proposed for nomination in order to ensure the best possible team for the pairings, the remaining three officials;

    Herzog, Heinz (AUT) (Owner Of Swiss Manager Program - Olympiad Version, Used In Every Olympiad Since 2010)

    Krause, Christian (GER) (Swiss Pairings Programs Commission Chairman, Owner Of The Swiss Pairings Program For Olympiad - Countercheck Of Swiss Manager),

    Stubenvoll, Werner (AUT) (Qualification Commission Chairman, Swiss Manager Program Specialist)

    Subsequently, out of the eight persons mentioned by Mr. Dvorkovich, neither FIDE nor I have nominated any of them. I only approved these persons, in accordance with FIDE regulations.

    I fear that the attack which Mr. Dvorkovich attempts to make is mainly a political one, especially in regards to Georgia, which being the country that organises the Olympiad was entitled to even more than two Principals that they were awarded to them.

    Regrettably, although Mr. Dvorkovich runs for the presidency of a global sports organization, he is unable to separate that from his own country's political agenda, or the clear need for a politically independent FIDE President, in accordance with the principles of the IOC to which FIDE is affiliated.
  2. With respect to Mr. Dvorkovich's accusations regarding the list of regular arbiters, it must be noted that;

    a) Azerbaijan (which also participates in Mr. Dvorkovich's ticket) has been awarded eleven arbiting positions and Turkey and Norway six each, all after an agreement made directly with the Georgian organizers.

    b) Apart from the above, the only other federation with six arbiters was the Russian Chess Federation, having more than any another federation.

    However, two of them informed the organisers that they could not participate.
  3. Mr. Dvorkovich, unfortunately, follows the recent tactics of Mr. Ilyumzhinov, trying to defame his opponents. The "so-called" corrupted system that he refers to, is not a system that I have created. I reject Mr. Dvorkovich's actual claim, that Mr. Ilyumzhinov, who now is a member of his team, exploited a corrupt system for 21 years when appointing members of Appeal Committees. To be clear, according to the regulations he was the one in charge of approving and nominating the members of the Appeal Committees.

    Nevertheless, from the moment (last 2 years) when I accepted as an Acting Present the responsibility of also appointing the Appeal Committees, I made sure to follow all regulations to the letter. Furthermore, although the regulations gave me the right to be in all those Appeal Committees, I only appointed myself to one.

    Mr. Dvorkovich's main objective in making this complaint is to disorientate the chess community and delegates and avoid any discussion concerning the very severe dark clouds that hang over his electoral campaign. I am referring of course to the recent allegations that

    a) Russian embassies and diplomats around the world are putting pressure on federations to vote for the Russian candidate

    b) many chess federation presidents and delegates were invited (probably with all expenses covered) to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup football games by Mr. Dvorkovich and his team, with several accepting this "gift"

    The FIDE Electoral Integrity Committee is expected to investigate all complaints of bribing/ buying-off federations or delegates and I argue to look into this.


Georgios Makropoulos

FIDE Deputy President

FIDE President Candidate