Chiron and Ethereal chess engines lead TCEC First Chess Division


After the first double round robin of TCECs First Division, Chiron and Ethereal are sharing the lead with a convincing lead ahead of opposition. Bot have 9,5/14, leaving Fizbo full two points behind.

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Chiron, the current Italian Computer Chess Champion, plays with a special S13 version at TCEC. After stability issues last season, it has come to the new season stronger than ever. With the extra ELO points it seems ready to climb to the Premier Division and stay there. Chiron itself is a unique chess engine using special detection of pawn blockages. Chiron can instantly detect and correctly score as draw most of the positions with dynamic or static pawn structures. Many engines, even the strongest ones, will score some positions with incorrect high values, but Chirons code for detection has been developed following the rules described by Omid David in his paper Blockage Detection in Pawn Endgames. This feature doesnt make Chiron stronger, yet it is interesting for analysis and could avoid Chiron to enter a draw endgame thinking it could be won. You can get your copy of Chiron and enjoy its unique style at the official website of the engine

Ethereal, the youngest chess engine in the field and the second strongest open source project after Stockfish, is still the favorite in the division. Despite losing a direct match to Chiron, it plays convincing chess, squeezing advantages from dry positions. Greatly influenced by Crafty, Stockfish, TSCP, MadChess, and Fruit, the chess engine by Andrew Grant won convincingly Division 2 and is dubbed by many a favorite to attack the 4th position or more at this edition of TCEC. Visit the official GitHub webpage of the project

TCEC First Chess Division standings after 14 rounds

  1. Chiron S13 9,5/14
  2. Ethereal 9,5/14
  3. Fizbo 7,5/14
  4. ChessBrainVB 6,5/14
  5. Fritz 6,5/14
  6. Laser 6,0/14
  7. Booot 5,5/14
  8. Jonny 5,0/14