Daily Chess Improvement: Quickie Chess Tactic!

Thus is based on the game by GM Nyzhnyk earlier

White to move! How should white proceed?

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It seem best to take the Q's off - after 6.Q:f8 in the 2nd line, Black has 6...Qg4 7. Qf1 and the Black Q is very active, supporting the rapid advance of the h-pawn.

After 3...R:f8 in the 1st line, Black's R is tied to the defense of the e-pawn and White's K can enter the game much more easily than it could if the Q's were still on the board.



Interesting choice here. Of course, 1.Rd8 is obvious as the start, but seem to be two ways to win a piece after that- white can reduce to a R+N vs R ending with pawns on the board, or a Q+N vs Q ending with pawns on the board;

1.Rd8 Ka7 2.Qe6 Re6 3.Rf8 or

1.Rd8 Ka7 2.Qd4+ b6 3.Qf4! Rd8 4.Qc7+ Ka8 5.Qd8+ Kb7 6.Qf8

Which would you rather play as white?