Daily Chess Improvement: Real Game Endgame!

This was an actual game between Navara, David - Usmanov, Vasily at 2019 Tal Memorial Blitz in Riga

White to move! How should white proceed? This is not a one move solution. Please post the idea and winning plan.

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a5 followed by Bd1 was game

  1. a5 is obvious. Now Black has a very limited choice of moves; his K must continue to guard f4 else White will play Kf4 and Bf5 winning the g-pawn.

And black's B must stay connected to c8, since 1...Be8 2. a6 Bd7 3. a7 and the pawn queens.

So 1...Bc8 2. Bh7 Bd7 3. Bg8 Bc8 4. Bf7 Bd7 (4...Bb7 5. Be6 winning the g-pawn) 5. Be8!! wins.

Or 1...Bc8 2. Bh7 Ba6 3. Bg8 Bb7 4. Be6 winning the g-pawn.