Did Social Media Kill Civility?


By Paul Truong

Thank God we live in a free country where free speech is permissible. For those who think that it is appropriate to take a knee during the National Anthem, good for them. I do not agree but it is their rights. I feel that there are many ways to protest and express disagreements. There are many forums and venues for this. It is not my job or place to try to change the minds of others. Everyone can do what they wish.

I, however, will proudly stand for the National Anthem of the United States. I risked my life and went through a grueling escape from a Communist country to legally come to America. And when I took the oath to become an American citizen, I made a pledge to be loyal to my new country, and to honor and defend the constitution. And out of respect for others, I also stand for the National Anthems of other countries when I go to various events in foreign soils.

For those who think that it is appropriate to insult or use four letter words toward any of our Presidents, whether Carter, Reagan, Bush 41 & 43, Clinton, Obama, or Trump, etc., it is their rights. Whether if I agree with their political views and actions or not, I respect the office of the Presidency.

In an era where people do not think twice before attacking and insulting each other on Social Media everyday just because they have different points of view, someone has to be the adult. What you spew out to others will come back and what does that solve?

Think before you tweet! Think before you make a post. It is nearly impossible to change other people’s opinions. But you can do your part and agree to disagree, respectfully. Life is too short for hate and animosity!

Paul Truong