Dvorkovich: "Each country deserves chess development"



The 2018 FIDE presidential elections will take place on October 3rd 2018 during this year's World Chess Olympiad in Batumi Georgia. Former Russian Deputy prime minister Arkady Dvorkovich and chairman LOC FIFA World cup 2018 is the most promising candidate to take over from his compatriot Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Dvorkovich who has had a 6-year stint as Russias Deputy Prime Minister is a renowned economist and Russias public servant with a high rate of an overwhelming victory in Georgia.

Arkady has wowed the 189 delegates with a promise of getting chess out of the woods and making the game popular across the globe. His campaign is anchored on transparency, increase in FIDE's budgets, improved leadership, cooperation with other sports bodies and integration of modern technology into the sport among other sweeping reforms.

"We will resolve management practices to create long-term development for each country and the sport of chess will never be the same again", said Arkady.

Arkady who successful steered the 2018 FIFA World Cup to a resounding success wants to reciprocate the same ethos to the global game of chess.

"The 2018 FIFA Football World Cup changed people's minds, I saw how people learnt from each other and past experiences to make the event a success, the level of infrastructure and sports facilities were colossal, I want to bring this experience to Chess", said Arkady.

His vast experience over the years in Russia's government leadership and in diverse corporate leadership roles makes him the most suitable contender at the helm of the global game of chess. With a month to go before the elections, Arkady has already garnered the support of global corporate sponsors including Inter Alia, Gazprom, Renault, Rosatom who have already committed to supporting the growth of chess in different regions

Arkady campaign trail has seen traverse different continents meeting hundreds of delegates drawn from different countries with a promise of bringing the highest levels of professionalism, efficiency and transparency in the world chess body.

Speaking to delegates during this year's Africa Youth Chess Championship staged in Kenya, Arkady noted that time was ripe for sweeping changes at the continental game.

"FIDE and national federations lacks a proper management system, we need to have sweeping reforms that will transform the game of chess, he said.

Arkady added that his experience, energy and professional skills will contribute to FIDE and global chess development.

"Developing chess is about public private partnerships, we need good connections both in the public sector and private sector as well as support from local governments, said Arkady.

His message to the professional chess fraternity is that their voice will be heard as he vows to establish a properly functioning World championship cycle. Arkady desires to introduce new principles of work through the use of best practices.

The FIDE Presidential Candidate is keen staging the world chess competitions in various continents

"We need to change the geographical location when it comes to big tournaments, I will ensure that the game is staged not only in Russia and Europe but to other regions like Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab speaking countries to bring diversity", said Arkady.

Arkady believes that FIDE should be financially stable to support federations. He further added that Chess is not just a game but a tool to improve the capacity and intellectual abilities of the players a move that will help societies to improve.

The 46-year-old economist is the current Chairman of the Board of the Directors in Russian Railways company.

Dvorkovich has served in various roles over the years including the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Head of Expert Group of President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation among other high profile appointments.

My agenda is to meet the diverse needs of different countries when it comes to chess, we want to develop bigger chess tournaments, introduce academies in schools, develop country programs and give them support from FIDE

Each country deserves chess development all are of equal importance and together we can improve the game all over the globe by bringing chess to higher dimensions, give us this chance to make a difference, says Arkady in his parting shot.