Exciting second round of TCEC Season 10


Two rounds of TCEC Season 10 are now over. Stockfish, the current champion, is in the lead with 2,0/2 after defeating Chiron and Jonny. Stockfish shares the first position with four other engines – Houdini, Texel, Ginkgo and Hannibal.

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This is an exciting and unexpected start of a computer championship, as from the twenty four games played the prevailing results are decisive. There are a total of 8 wins for white, nine wins for black, and 7 draws.

The current leaders have protagonized the best games of the event so far. After defeating Chiron, Stockfish went on to win against Jonny. It was an offbeat opening – a Sicilian with 2…Nc6 3.b3 – where Stockfish showed that there is a lot of life in the position and squeezed most out of the high depth opportunities to seal the victory

Replay Stockfish – Jonny with analysis

Texel by Peter Osterlund (Sweden) has had an amazing start. It’s most notable victory came in round 2 against a direct competitor for qualification for the next round, Fizbo. The game was a QGD: Ragozin, Vienna, 6.e4 c5 7.Bxc4, 8…Qa5. In a position that looked like a fortress from a human point of view, Texel gave back the exchange and with fantastic endgame skills won the Queen + pawns ending that again looked like a definite draw.

Replay the amazing ending of Texel – Fizbo here

Ginkgo 2 was merciless against the single core Hakkapeliitta and Fruit. It’s games were totally dominant from the beginning to the end. The first one was an English: Anglo-Dutch victory for white, while in the second Ginkgo defended well in the Dutch: Leningrad, Main Line, 7.Nc3 Nc6 and proved a good way to take advantage with black.

Replay Fruit – Ginkgo here

Hannibal, the fourth leader after round 2, played a nice Trompowsky: 2…Ne4 3.h4 c5 4.d5 . It is a season where Hannibal has high hopes of qualifying to the next stage, and all await its games against the top three – Komodo, Stockfish, and Houdini

Replay Gaviota – Hannibal

Houdini is the fifth engine with full points after two rounds. It achieved a notable victory with black against a direct competitor for the medals.

Replay Fire – Houdini

The honorable mention of the round goes to Komodo, the engine of the late Don Dailey, currently developed by Mark Lefler and Larry Kaufman. Komodo is a three times TCEC champion and this season is one of the top three contenders for the title once again. It started with a draw with black against Fizbo in Reti: KIA, but played a true masterpiece in round 2. There it soundly defeated Wasp in a game that deserves a replay

Replay the game of the day – Komodo vs Wasp