Extra prizes at Fischer Random Cup


The 2018 GAMMA Reykjavik Open will be held in memory of Bobby Fischer. One of the highlights of the festivities will be the Fischer Random Cup which will be held on the 9th of March, the birthday of Robert James Fischer.

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that Grandmaster Susan Polgar, former Women’s World Chess Champion and one of the strongest female players ever, has confirmed that she is personally donating €1000 to the Fischer Random Cup prize fund!

​The prize money will be split between two new categories: €500 for the top women’s player and €500 for the top junior player (20 years and younger).

GM Polgar and the former World Champion, GM Robert James Fischer were dear friends and she fully supports Fischer Random and even worked with Fischer to finalize the rules.

"When I brought Bobby to Hungary to stay at our home, Fischer Random was not finalized yet. I worked with him to finalize all the rules, then played countless of practice games with him.

He was a dear friend and Fischer Random was very important to him. We spent countless hours debating about different rule possibility. I fully support it and hope I can help your federation promote it."

Read more about the friendship of GM Susan Polgar and Fischer here.

The Fischer Random Tournament’s prize fund:

The prices are not shared.

The European Champion (highest ranked European player) gets an extra price of €1,000.
The top woman player gets €500, sponsored by GM Susan Polgar!
The top junior player (20 years old and younger) gets €500, sponsored by GM Susan Polgar!