FIDE Delegates Elected New President For The 1st Time Since 1995


Former Russian Deputy PM Dvorkovich Wins World Chess Federation Election

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) has elected a new president, picking Arkady Dvorkovich to replace longtime chief Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Members of the Presidential Ticket of Arkady Dvorkovich are elected into office:

Bachar Kouatly – Deputy President

Sewa Enyonam Fumey – General Secretary

Mahir Mammedov – Vice President

Julio Granda Zuniga – Vice President

Zhu Chen – Treasurer

Dvorkovich, a former Russian deputy prime minister, beat out Georgios Makropoulos of Greece, the current FIDE deputy president, in the October 3 vote at a congress in the Georgian Black Sea resort city of Batumi.

Mr Dvorkovich outmanoeuvred his opponent on Wednesday after a fiercely contested election.

He is taking over from fellow Russian Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Arkady Dvorkovich has both political and chess credentials.

Until May 2018, he served as Russian deputy prime minister and is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Chess Federation. More recently, he was one of the chief organisers of the Fifa World Cup.

The Russian candidate then defeated the only remaining candidate, current deputy president Georgios Makropoulos, by 103 votes to 78.

He becomes the first new president since 1995.

His main opponent was widely seen as Georgios Makropoulos, the Greek deputy president of Fide. Mr Makropoulos struggled to distance himself from former president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who he served under.

Dvorkovich headed the Local Organizing Committee at the Russia-hosted 2018 FIFA World Cup. Infantino has on numerous occasions praised the 2018 World Cup as the best in history.

"Coming back from an incredibly successful World Cup in Russia, I am very happy to say a couple of words also to you, to the world of chess," Infantino said in his video address. "First of all, let me just say that our World Cup in Russia was the best ever. It was the best ever thanks to very close cooperation with the Russian Local Organizing Committee chaired by one of yours, Arkady, my good friend who has run the show in Russia and has shown what it is to organize such a great event. Now, football and chess are of course two different things but are they really so different? I think there are actually many points in common because very much like a chess player, a football coach or even a football player is preparing the team in the field and in the pitch and the organizers are preparing their teams as well to organize events," the FIFA president noted.

"I think there are many synergies between FIFA and FIDE and maybe - why not? - we could think about in the future about cooperating in certain areas and see how we can help some of the federations who need it most and create a contact between the world of chess and the world of football," he concluded.

Source: BBC/TASS