FIDE Newsletter August/September 2017


European Senior Chess Championship 2017

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European Senior Chess Championship 2017 took place in Sabadell, Spain from 11th-21st August. The Championship was played in two different age categories: 50+ and 65+. The separate Women’s Championship was organized just for the 50+ category, while women 65+ played in the Open section. 129 players coming from more than 20 European federation participated the event, including 10 GMs, 10 IMs and European and World Chess Champions.

Standings for Seniors 50+

  1. GM Movsziszian Karen (ARM, 2502) 7 points
  2. IM Kalegin Evgenij (RUS, 2424) 6.5 points
  3. GM Tunik Gennady (RUS, 2388) 6.5 points

Standings for Women 50+

  1. WGM Strutinskaia Galina (RUS, 2286) 7 points
  2. WGM Berend Elvira (LUX, 2294) 6.5 points
  3. Aseeva Marina (RUS, 2162) 6 points

Standings for Seniors 65+

  1. IM Renman Nils- Gustaf (SWE, 2353) 7.5 points
  2. GM Giorgadze Tamaz (GEO, 2504) 7 points
  3. GM Vasiukov Evgeni (RUS, 2390) 6.5 points

Standings for Women 65+

  1. GM Gaprindashvili Nona (GEO, 2316) 5.5 points
  2. WGM Fatalibekova Elena (RUS, 2226) 4 points
  3. Kabanova Irina (RUS, 1791) 3 points

European Youth Team Chess Championship 2017

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European Youth Team Chess Championship 2017 took place in Rymanów Zdrój, Poland from 16th till 24th of August 2017.

German team became the winner in Open Section and Polish team won Girls Section of the European Youth Team U-18 Chess Championship 2017. The Championship featured 40 teams coming from 16 countries which is a new participation record!

The first place in both sections was under the question until the end of the last round of the Championship. Germany shared the first place with Serbia. Both teams scored 11 match points, but thanks to the better tie-breaks, Germans finished with gold in their hands while Serbia took silver. Third place went to Croatia with 10 match points.

Poland I, Slovenia II and Estonia teams finished the championship with the same number of match points - 10, but according to the tie-breaks system, Poland I became the European Youth Team Champion for 2017, Slovenia II ended second and Estonia took bronze. The event was organized by PST “Stomil” Rymanow Zdroj and Polish Chess Federation, under the auspices of European Chess Union. Organizers provided very nice playing conditions and for observers an impressive live coverage. All the games were transmitted live, and some of them commented by GM Bartlomiej Heberla and GM Marcin Tazbir. Beside that, live video during the games showed the real spirit from the playing hall.

Asian Club Champions League 2017

Asian Club Champions League 2017 was held in Sri Lanka from 1st to 8th of August 2017

Ranking crosstable

The 2017 Asian Club Champions League was organized by Chess Federation of Sri Lanka under the patronage of the Asian Chess Federation, started in Citrus Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

The championship was played as a Swiss System team tournament. Trophies, medals and certificates were awarded to the top three teams. A total of $10,000 cash prizes were awarded to the top three participating clubs, with the top-ranked squad receiving $5,000. The second- and third-placed teams got $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.

Iran’s Saipa Chess Club finished first in the continental sporting event.

Saipa Chess Club also secured a spot at the 2018 World Team Championship in Radebeul, Germany.

Ehsan Ghaemmaghami, Masoud Mosadeghpour, Amin Tabatabaei and Amir Rezapour were members of the Iranian squad. They were under the tutelage of Morteza Mahjoub and supervised by Masoud Namvari.

Saif Sporting Chess Club from Bangladesh, Australia’s Sydney Chess Club Australia, Bai Xue Qi Yuan of China and the Sri Lankan Team occupied the second to fifth positions.

World Cadets U8, 10, 12 Chess Championship 2017

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FIDE World Cadets Chess Championship 2017 (under 8, under 10 and under 12 years old – open and girls) took place in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil, between August the 21st, 2017 (arrival) and August the 31st, 2017 (departure). The venue as the Convention Center of the Golden Park Hotel (300 meters from Thermas World Resort 160 meters from Golden Park Hotel and 120 meters from Village Inn hotel.)

The winners
U-12 Open Tsay Vincent (United States) U-12 Girls Divya Deshmukh (India)
U-10 Open Zhou Liran (United States) U-10 Girls Wei Yaqing (China)
U-8 Emrikian Aren C (United States) U-8 Girls Alserkal Rouda Essa (UAE)

Zone 4.3 U16 Youth Team Championships

Zone 4.3 U16 Youth Team Championships was held from 4th to 12th August 2017 in Maputo, Mozambique.

Each delegation consisted of 3 boys and 2 girls. The event took place at Hotel Residential Kaya Kwanga and team B of Mozambique became the winner. The start of the event had great setbacks, 14 countries were officially invited by the African Chess Confederation. Of which five confirmed their presence, respectively, Angola, Swaziland, Zambia, South Africa and Mozambique as a host. For administrative reasons, Angola, South Africa and Zambia cancelled their participation over time. Mozambique participated with teams A, B and C and together with Swaziland made up 4 teams. The event was attended by the entire board of the Mozambican Chess Federation, including administrative staff and third-party services.

FIDE World Youth U14, U16 & U18 Chess Championships 2017

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FIDE World Youth U14, U16 & U18 Chess Championships 2017 (open and girls) was held in Montevideo, Uruguay, from 16th of September (arrival) until 26th of September (departure) 2017.

The Championships were organized and held under the auspices of the Uruguayan Chess Federation (FUA), the Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA) and the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

The winners:
U-18 Open José Eduardo Martínez (Peru) U-18 Girls Laura Unuk (Slovenia)
U-16 Andrey Esipenko (Russia) U-16 Girls Annie Wang (United States)
U-14 Batsuren Dambasuren (Mongolia) U-14 Girls Jishitha D (India)

FIDE World Cup 2017

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FIDE World Cup was held from 2nd to 27th of September in Tbilisi, Georgia. Levon Aronian from Armenia became the winner after beating Ding Liren from China in the final.

128 player Knock Out tournament brought together the strongest players in the world, and had an impressive prize fund of 1.6 million US dollars.

Participants included the World Champion and number one in rating list Magnus Carlsen, three former World Champions Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik and Ruslan Ponomariov, the winner of the previous World Cup in Baku, Sergey Karjakin. The participation of the 15 top players made this event the strongest World Cup in history.

European Youth Chess Championship 2017

European Youth Chess Championship 2017 was held from 4th to 15th of September in Mamaia, Romania.

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The Championship was played in 6 age categories: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18, open and girls sections. The opening ceremony was attended by the ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, ECU Deputy President Mr. Ion Serban Dobronauteanu, the FIDE Deputy President Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, the President of the Romanian Chess Federation Mr. Sorin Iakoban, the Mayor of Constanza Mr. Decebal Făgădău and the President of the Romanian Olympic Committee Mr. Mihai Covaliu.

The organizers provided live broadcast of 90 games which can be followed through the official website of the Championship or through the ECU website.

This year the event attracted 1142 players and young stars, among them 215 titled players, 1 GM, 16 IMs and 2 WIM The event was organized by Romanian Chess Federation, “Mind Games&Events” Sports Association under the auspices of European Chess Union.

The top 5 players of each age category:

Open U-8

  1. Giang Tran Nam HUN 1561 8.0
  2. CM Royal Shreyas ENG 1700 8.0
  3. CM Vetokhin Savva RUS 1703 7.0
  4. Ljepic Andrej SRB 1616 7.0
  5. Camlar Arda TUR 1361 7.0

Open U-10

  1. Maurizzi Marc Andria FRA 1947 7.5
  2. CM Samadov Read AZE 1848 7.5
  3. Strybuk Artsiom I BLR 1790 7.0
  4. CM Fiszer Bartosz POL 2009 7.0
  5. Kolesov Gordey RUS 1672 7.0

Open U-12

  1. CM Suleymanli Aydin AZE 2351 7.5
  2. Luczak Filip POL 1866 7.5
  3. Antonica Dragos-Andrei ROU 2188 7.0
  4. FM Murzin Volodar RUS 2280 7.0
  5. CM Tsvetkov Andrey RUS 2219 7.0

Open U-14

  1. FM Bjerre Jonas Buhl DEN 2348 7.5
  2. FM Yeritsyan Aram RUS 2264 7.0
  3. Remizov Yaroslav RUS 2146 7.0
  4. Henderson De La Fuente Lance ESP 2408 7.0
  5. De Boer Eelke NED 2233 6.5

Open U-16

  1. FM Esipenko Andrey RUS 2540 7.5
  2. IM Erenberg Ariel ISR 2386 7.5
  3. FM Ileana George ROU 2219 7.0
  4. FM Matviishen Viktor UKR 2431 6.5
  5. IM Van Foreest Lucas NED 2485 6.5

Open U-18

  1. IM Thybo Jesper Sondergaard DEN 2466 7.0
  2. IM Plenca Jadranko CRO 2440 7.0
  3. GM Deac Bogdan-Daniel ROU 2559 6.5
  4. IM Livaic Leon CRO 2461 6.5
  5. IM Santos Ruiz Miguel ESP 2505 6.5

Girls U-8

  1. WCM Svergina Sofya RUS 1472 8.5
  2. WCM Zavivaeva Evelina RUS 1406 7.0
  3. Shukhman Anna RUS 1583 7.0
  4. Kirtadze Anastasia GEO 1193 6.5
  5. Keskinler Ela TUR 1276 6.0

Girls U-10

  1. WCM Shubenkova Veronika RUS 1505 7.5
  2. WCM Gasimova Samra AZE 1578 7.0
  3. WCM Mikheeva Galina RUS 1596 7.0
  4. WCM Shvedova Alexandra RUS 1578 7.0
  5. Andrukhovich Elizaveta BLR 1465 7.0

Girls U-12

  1. WCM Mironenko Galina RUS 2035 7.5
  2. WCM Stepanyan Eva RUS 1927 7.5
  3. WCM Allahverdiyeva Ayan AZE 2042 7.0
  4. Dubovyk Anastasiia UKR 1785 7.0
  5. Lomaia Diana GEO 1753 6.5

Girls U-14

  1. WFM Beydullayeva Govhar AZE 2164 8.5
  2. Srdanovic Jovana SRB 1994 7.0
  3. Krasteva Beloslava ECX 2048 7.0
  4. WFM Miroshnik Ekaterina RUS 2006 7.0
  5. Esadze Tamari GEO 1863 6.5

Girls U-16

  1. WIM Badelka Olga BLR 2335 7.5
  2. FM Schneider Jana GER 2231 7.0
  3. FM Antova Gabriela ECX 2256 7.0
  4. Sargsyan Anna M. ARM 2047 7.0
  5. WFM Shafigullina Zarina RUS 2130 6.5

Girls U-18

  1. Asatryan Sona ARM 2043 7.0
  2. Dwilewicz Katarzyna POL 1884 6.5
  3. FM Garcia Martin Marta ESP 2360 6.5
  4. WFM Balajayeva Khanim AZE 2342 6.5
  5. WFM Gueci Tea ITA 2181 6.0

European Universities Chess Championship 2017

European Universities Chess Championship 2017 as held in Fuengirola, Spain from 18th till 24th of September 2017.

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Over 120 participants representing 25 Universities from 15 countries took part in the European Universities Bridge & Chess Championships 2017.
The event, which started with the General Technical Meetings on September 20 and competitions the day after, showed high level of bridge and chess, and the participants excelled not only in mind sports, but also in physical activity.

Women Team Competition in chess was over on Friday, with Ural State Mining University (RUS) being first with 9 points, University of Belgrade (SRB) second with 7 points, and University of Physical Education (HUN) third with 6.

Last three rounds in Open Team Competition were held on Saturday afternoon, with Russian and Serbian teams fighting for the gold medal. At the end, Ural State Mining University (RUS) brought home gold also in men’s category, with the University of Belgrade (SRB) as runners-up. A tight fight between Open University of Israel (ISR), AGH University of Science and Technology (POL) and Poznan University of Economics and Business (POL) for the bronze medal ended with the Israeli making it to the podium.

Asian Cities Chess Team Championship

Asian Cities Chess Team Championship (DUBAI CUP) 2017 was held 25 August – 02 September, 2017 in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India.
The top seeded Iranian team Rasht registered a convincing 4 – 0 victory over Dubai in the final round to clinch the Dubai Cup for Asian Cities Chess Championship with 16 match points here at KiiT University on Friday.

Host Bhubaneswar with 14 match points finished as runner up after settling for a draw with Puri in the final round encounter while Dhaka finished third with 13 match points after defeating Muscat.

Final Standings
1 Rasht, Iran 16
2 Bhubaneswar, India 14
3 Dhaka, Bangladesh 13
4 Penang, Malaysia 12
5 Kolkata, India 9
6 Puri, India 8
7 Dubai, UAE 7
8 Muscat, Oman 7
9 Alquds, Palestine 7
10 Chinese Taipei 6
11 Bhubaneswar'A, India 5
12 Cuttack, India 4

The first Asian Chess championship for Disabled

The first edition of Asian Championship for Disabled kicked off in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on September 14, and wrapped up on September 22, 2017.

The tournament brought together more than 100 male and female chess players from 10 Asian countries, namely Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and one oceanic nation Australia.

Final results:

The Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

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China won five gold and six silver medals to dominate the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held 21-28 September 2017 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The multi-sport competition was organized by the Olympic Council of Asia in cooperation with the Asian Chess Federation and Turkmenistan Chess Federation. Vietnam followed in second slot with three gold, one silver medal and two bronze medals. Iran won one gold and one silver while Kazakhstan won one gold and three bronze medals.

The Philippines won one silver and two bronze while Indonesia won one silver and one bronze medal. India won five bronze medals, Turkmenistan three while Qatar and Uzbekistan won one bronze each.

Competitions were held in Standard chess for individual championships and Rapid and Blitz for open and under-23 teams. Download games and see round by round results in

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