First Saturday Chess Tournaments


  1. FIRST SATURDAY Budapest event
    There is a GM-group with 10, the IM-group with 10 and the development group with 6 participants.
    The info link in the site:

    The next events: 3-13 March, 7-17 April, 5-15 March, etc.
    Every day evening until 11 PM Central European Time you can follow the games:

  2. THIRD SATURDAY GM-IM-FM closed tournament
    Djenovici, Montenegro
    20-28 January, 17-25 February, 17-25 March, etc.
    Orgnanizer: FM Tomic, Goran

  3. There will be two big open tournaments in Hungary:

SPRING FESTIVAL Open (BUDAPEST), 18-26 April - (13500 € prize found)
An article was written by the main arbiter of the tournament, IM-IA ORSÓ, Miklós:

ZALAKAROS Open, 25 May-2 June (NEW SCHEDULE !!!) (250 km West from Budapest)
Organizer: IM Horvath, Tamas

4. GM-IM and Open tournament in Balatonlelle, 12-20 June, (200 km West from Budapest)
Organizer: IO Rigo, Janos

  1. The car ride sharing system sponsors the First Saturday chess tournaments in 2018 year with 500 pieces of advertisement pens, thanks to Mr. PRACSER Attila, the owner.

IO Nagy Laszlo
mobile +36-30-230-1914