Former Member of Raging Rooks run for NY Governorship



Daniel Gray, an author and educator, has officially announced he will be running for the New York governor’s office. He has also vowed that he will not solicit any donations to fund his campaign.

“The only real way to get money out of politics is for ordinary people to win with no money,” Gray, a member of the Democratic Party, explains. His vision is one that everyday Americans can relate to – one where the average citizen can access their politicians, and the government is not controlled by lobbyists, special interests and others with deep pockets holding politicians beholden through campaign contributions.

Instead of soliciting donations to support his run for office, Gray will only use, which is designed to allow anyone to run for office, connect with elected officials, endorse those they support and more.

Gray’s platform also speaks to the average citizen’s desire to reclaim their power within government and other areas. He envisions creating a state bank that will allow New Yorkers to lend to other New Yorkers with the same leverage as big banks. “Giving people the same powers as the big banks will radically change income inequality in New York State,” he explained.

In addition to his unique financial vision, Gray also plans to create a statewide rideshare program that will be free to all New York residents, as well as a trickle-down tax break that will help to offset income inequality and put more money back into New Yorkers’ pockets. He plans to deliberate with Governor Cuomo about the state’s future with on a video debate hosted on

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About Daniel Gray: Daniel Gray is an educator, and the author of Follow the Money, which details the path necessary to eliminate global poverty. In middle school, he was on the Raging Rooks chess team in Harlem, and he taught chess for 13 years. Gray holds a degree in mathematics from Vassar College and envisions a day when everyday New Yorkers are once more empowered and in control of their government.