Frank J. Yerhoff Jr. inducted to the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame


Late Regina chess player inducted into Canadian Chess Hall of Fame
By Jonathan Guignard

A late Regina chess player is being awarded one of the highest forms of achievement after a long career and numerous accomplishments.

Frank J. Yerhoff Jr. (1918-1999) has been elected into the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame.

Spending many years as Saskatchewan’s leading chess master, Yerhoff won the Canadian Chess Championship in Saskatoon in 1945 when he tied future Grandmaster Abe Yanofksy.

He placed fourth in the Canadian Championship in 1940 and 1947, seventh in 1941, and eighth place in 1951.

Yerhoff also has the unique distinction of being both a Canadian and Canadian correspondence champion.

In 1938, he won the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association Championship. He went on to win the Canadian Correspondence Chess Championship in 1939, 1940, 1941, 1943, and 1945.

Not only was he one of the province’s top players of all time, Yerhoff wrote a chess column in the Saskatchewan Farmer.

Yerhoff’s induction ceremony is taking place at the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame on July 14 at the Travelodge in Regina.