Free After-School Chess Club

Susan Polgar

Free After-school Chess Club

Dear Chess Families,

The Coronavirus hit me hard both personally and professionally. After spending weeks in the hospital, I consider myself fortunate to have spent the last couple of months recovering. Sadly, it was necessary for me to shut down the nonprofit I started decades ago as the Torres Chess and Music Academy was facing insurmountable financial pressures in this “new norm” and I just don’t have the health needed to try and revive it. However, just because the nonprofit is closed for good does not mean that I still don’t believe in its mission to enrich children’s lives through chess and music.

During difficult times as a child, I learned to escape on a chessboard and enjoy the freedom, creativity and friendships the game fostered. The chessboard became a playground from everyday life that encouraged my friends to discard their differences and spend time together in deep thought. The year 2020 has been a very stressful time for many young people and perhaps more than ever, children are in need of positive activities that give them a recess from real life stress while enhancing their abilities to handle difficulties. Because of this, I will be running a free online chess club for any child, family, group or school that would like one.

The club will have assignments posted for various groups beginning September 23. New instructions and assignments will be given every Wednesday. Participants will watch a welcome video on YouTube that will include any special announcements or upcoming events. They will then watch their assigned videos and complete the attached quiz before the next Wednesday. All children who participate for the year will receive a certificate. Special prizes will also be awarded for top performers in different categories. We will hold regular events on Fridays and Saturdays, along with special events. The events will be scheduled matches between groups, simuls, group chess, and blitz games against me, Coach Chris.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one. I just want to give every child the same opportunity to benefit from chess that I had as a child. For over 20 years, I have paved the way for the success of thousands of children regardless of their entry skill level. By training with me your child will gain:*The Valuable tools and skills needed to excel as a chess player.*An extraordinary chess club experience with a top-tier chess instructor.*The confidence and motivation necessary to surpass their chess goals and fast track improvement.

I expect this to be a very popular offering so Please register in advance so I can better serve your children.


Chris Torres

Former President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy