GM Burak Firat - Complete Caro-Kann Repertoire for Black - Part 3

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We have the pleasure to inform you that GM Burak Firat has just released his third and final Caro - Kann database - Complete Caro-Kann Repertoire for Black - Part 3.

Since you have purchased Parts 1 and 2, we provide you with free access to Part 3.


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In the third part of his Caro-Kann trilogy, GM Firat covers the Panov Аttack, Exchange Variation and minor sidelines for White on moves 2 and 3. He remains true to his investigative approach, uncovering new ideas and reviving forgotten development systems in virtually every variation. He often seeks dynamic options, not shying away from material sacrifices to solve opening problems or even take over the initiative with Black early in the game.

Some of his novelties will have an added surprise value, as the opponent has likely not analyzed them in depth, or at all. In more solid variations, he offers sound positional advice when necessary, such as which plans to follow, which pieces to exchange, and which move orders to go for and which to avoid.

In this database, you will find:

  • 14 theoretical lines

  • 15 interactive tests