GM Evgeny Postny - Aggressive Repertoire against the Gruenfeld


We have the pleasure to announce that GM Evgeny Postny comes up with a new opening database - Aggressive Repertoire against the Gruenfeld.
Everyone, who is a 1.d4 player encountered a problem - what to do against the Gruenfeld Defence? It is a sound opening in which Black attacks White's center from the very beginning. Very often, the theory goes so far that many games end in a forced draw without even a single own move from both players.
In this database, GM Postny proves that the aggressive 5.h4 creates serious practical problems for Black. The author deals with many relatively unexplored position. In all the critical lines, he provides fresh ideas and novelties. After studying this database, you can play 5.h4 at any level.
The database consists of 10 theoretical chapters and 20 interactive test positions.

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