GM Mamedov convincingly wins Viktor Kupreichik Memorial


The International Rapid Chess Tournament “Memorial tournament in honour of Viktor Kupreichik” was held from 21-23rd June 2018 in the Palace of Sports at the address: Minsk, pr. Pobediteley 4.

The Open tournament was an 11-round Swiss event with 101 participants from 9 federations. Among them were 12 Grandmasters and 10 International Masters.

Grandmaster Rauf Mamedov convincingly won the event with 9,5/11 points, leaving the nearest followers Anton Korobov and Dmitry Andreikin a full point behind.

On 8 points are GM Alexei Fedorov and talented junior FM Ortik Nigmatov from Uzbekistan.

On the same dates a round robin tournament of 13 friends and colleagues of Kupreichik took place. Grandmasters Vladimir Tukmakov and Valery Chekhov shared the first place with 8 points each.

At the opening ceremony, a movie with unique materials about Viktor Kupreichik has been shown.

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Photos by FIDE Press Officer Anastasya Karlovich