GM Mihail Marin - Dynamic Play


We have the pleasure to announce that GM Mihail Marin comes up with a new middlegame database - Dynamic Play.

The dynamic phase tends to have a global character, with piece and pawn tensions all over the board and with the enemy kings only as a possible collateral victim. It does not have the linear and logical course of a combination and it is hard to anticipate its end.

While the accurate calculation is useful, it is usually impossible to exhaust the position analytically, thus intuition and understanding play a very important role.

A moment of crucial importance is when dynamic fireworks come to an end. If played perfectly, the evaluations of the end position and the initial position (before the fireworks) should be the same. In practical games, however, this rarely happens since dynamic play offers the stronger player countless possibilities to outplay his opponent.

The database consists of 12 extensively annotated games (divided into 5 sections) and 30 interactive test positions (divided into 5 sections). All test positions are provided with extensively annotated answers.