GM title for winner of Arab Chess Championship + more FIDE decisions


2018 2nd quarter

Presidential Board

9-10 July 2018

Bucharest, Romania


2PB-2018/1. To approve the increase of the DEV budget by 200,000 euro.

2PB-2018/2. To approve the preparation of FIDE Data Protection policy.

2PB-2018/3. To approve Qualification Commission recommendations of over-the-board titles.

2PB-2018/4. To approve Arbiters’ Commission recommendations of titles & upgrades.

2PB-2018/5. To approve Arbiters’ Commission report.

2PB-2018/6. To approve Trainers’ Commission recommendations for titles.

2PB-2018/7. To confirm the new deadline of 15 August for the signing of the players’ contracts for WCCM in London 2018.

2PB-2018/8. To refer the proposal of the Rules Commission to all relevant Commissions, to inform them accordingly and to present a final proposal to the GA in Batumi.

2PB-2018/9. To approve CI titles but refer the report to the ECU CIS Commission Chairman for his input.

2PB-2018/10. To accept the Chess for Disabled Commission report.

2PB-2018/11. To note the Medical Commission report.

2PB-2018/12. To approve IO titles.

2PB-2018/13. To approve the proposal of EVE regarding registration and licensing of players.

2PB-2018/14. To refer Fair Play Commission proposals to GA.

2PB-2018/15. To announce a bidding procedure for the FIDE Candidates’ tournament in 15 days.

2PB-2018/16. To authorise Mr. Borg to draft regulations for a new women’s event in place of Women’s Grand-Prix.

2PB-2018/17. To award the Polish Chess Federation with an option to organise the World Teams and World Women Teams Championships 2019 provided they inform of the exact venue at the GA in Batumi.

2PB-2018/18. To approve that if there is no clear answer by 15th September that visas are provided to all, the recommendation to the GA will be that FIDE will not organise World Rapid and Blitz and World Women Rapid and Blitz this year.

2PB-2018/19. To prepare a press-release on the 2018 Olympiad Travel Subsidy Fund.

2PB-2018/20. To request the Khanty-Mansiysk Olympiad 2020 Organisers to provide the bank guarantee by 29th September 2018.

2PB-2018/21. To recommend the bid of the Belarus Chess Federation for the 2022 Olympiad and associated events to the GA in Batumi.

2PB-2018/22. To visit Minsk to inspect and assist with the finalisation of the budget for the 2022 Olympiad bid.

2PB-2018/23. To seek an organiser for the 2019 Executive Board meeting.

2PB-2018/24. To inform the South Korea and Tunisia Chess Federations that due to the non-fulfilment of certain conditions, their bids for the 2022 Olympiad were not approved for the GA in Batumi, but they could be considered for 2024 provided they fulfil all necessary conditions and met a deadline of September 15th.

2PB-2018/25. To organise a PB meeting immediately following Presidential elections in Batumi.

2PB-2018/26. To award the organisation of the World Junior and Girls U-20 2020 to All India Chess Federation.

2PB-2018/27. To award the World Schools Championship 2020 to Peru.

2PB-2018/28. To award the World Schools Championship 2021 to Greece.

2PB-2018/29. To award the World Youth Championship 2020 to Romania.

2PB-2018/30. To request the Chinese Chess Association to provide the dates for the 2019 Cadet U-8, U-10, U-12 by the GA in Batumi.

2PB-2018/31. To refer the bids for the World Cadet U-8, U-10 and U-12 2020 to the GA in Batumi.

2PB-2018/32. To award World Youth Rapid and Blitz Championship U-14, U-16, U-18 2019 to Spanish Chess Federation.

2PB-2018/33. To award World Youth and Cadet Rapid and Blitz Championship U-8, U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, U-18 2020 to Greek Chess Federation.

2PB-2018/34. To approve the proposal of the Belarus Chess Federation to award an annual Kupreichik award for the most beautiful game at the World Senior Championships.

2PB-2018/35. To refer the bids for World Senior Championship 2020 to the GA in Batumi.

2PB-2018/36. To award World Team Championship 50+, 65+ 2020 to Czech Chess Federation.

2PB-2018/37. To request the Turkish Chess Federation to provide details for World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2018 within three weeks.

2PB-2018/38. To inform the Tunisian Chess Federation that if if they do not send the details of World Schools Individual 2019, the event is given to Turkey.

2PB-2018/39. To approve the request of GM I. Cheparinov.

2PB-2018/40. To approve the Haiti Chess Federation as a provisional member and to recommend the GA to ratify full membership.

2PB-2018/41. To note a new case in CAS regarding Welsh Chess Federation.

2PB-2018/42. To note the information from the ECU on the situation with chess in Bulgaria and refer the matter to GA.

2PB-2018/43. To approve the request of GM Ivan Cheparinov to transfer from Bulgaria to Georgia. This would be without compensation or transfer fee. The same conditions would apply to all Bulgarian players wishing to transfer.

2PB-2018/44. To note the information on Pakistan and Maldives Chess Federations and refer to GA.

2PB-2018/45. To organise a meeting with Continental President for Asia.

2PB-2018/46. To refer the bids for World Amateur Championship 2020 to the GA.

2PB-2018/47. To award Turkey 1st option and India 2nd option till the GA for World Youth U-16 Olympiad 2019.

2PB-2018/48. To refer application of Cote D’Ivoire of new federation to GA.

2PB-2018/49. To approve anti-corruption measures for election and publish.

2PB-2018/50. To award winner of Arab Chess Championship place in World Cup from 2019 and the GM title. 2nd & 3rd place to receive IM title, all titles depending on recommendation of QC on minimum rating required.

2PB-2018/51. The winner of the Arab Women’s Championship will qualify for the 64 player Women’s World Championship from 2020 and the WGM title. 2nd & 3rd place to receive WIM title, all titles depending on recommendation of QC on minimum rating required.