GM Tiviakov wins 2018 Dutch Chess Championship by 1.5 point


Final round results

L'Ami, Erwin Tiviakov, Sergei ½-½

Leenhouts, Koen Van Foreest, Jorden 0-1

Van Wely, Loek Ernst, Sipke ½-½

Van den Doel, Erik Sokolov, Ivan ½-½

The 2018 Dutch Chess Championship is an 8-player round-robin tournament taking place from 2-8 July 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Chess players receive 90 minutes for 40 chess moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second increment starting from move 1.

Veteran chess GM Sergey Tiviakov was a last minute substitute in the 2018 Dutch Championship. And how did he fare without preparation? He became the 2018 Dutch Chess Champion with a round to spare after beating former Dutch Chess Champion GM Van Wely! This is a pretty amazing chess performance!