GM Valeriy Aveskulov - The Art of Exchanges


We have the pleasure to announce that GM Valeriy Aveskulov comes up with his first middlegame database - The Art of Exchanges.

Players strive for situations in which their pieces are superior to their opponents'. One of the most important tools to achieve this goal is the exchange. The famous Soviet author Gennady Nesis has written a few books about the art of exchanges, both in middlegames and endgames. They were popular in their times and can still be useful for players today.

Yet if we look at their contents, we will find that exchanges are not categorized by their themes and their goals there. The current database is designed to fill this gap.

In the introduction to this database, GM Aveskulov states:

In my opinion, it is possible to sort most of the exchanges by ideas and such classification will be instructive and useful.
In the current database, I classify the exchanges in the following way:

1) Exchange of pieces that defend important squares/pieces (pawns)
2) Exchanges allowing to obtain a positional advantage
3) Exchanges allowing to improve our own pawn structure
4) Queen exchanges that lead to a favorable endgame
5) Avoiding exchanges

In this database, you will find 28 extensively annotated model games and 14 interactive tests.