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How Chessthinking can revitalize your Business!

When I entered the business world I quickly realized that I already had an advantage as a Grandmaster and strong chess player, since apart from getting respect for being smart, I already had a framework for objectively analysing the position, drawing the correct conclusion, take an important decision under time pressure, visualising the result of an idea and predicting the next move in a negotiation.

All this is important and very useful skills both in life and business, that I share with companies, top business schools and Rotary clubs in my talk/lecture on how Chessthinking can revitalize your Business!

Give us some example of what you can teach us"

A threat is always stronger than its execution" (Aron Nimzowitsch)

In Chess we have many rules and guidelines that are very useful both in life and business. One of them is our famous rule that a threat is always stronger than its execution. In chess this means that if you threaten a dangerous move or a weak spot, your opponent will spend all his resources on covering up that weak spot and than we are usually able to win the game through another weak spot that our opponent has left undefended!

In business this rule can easily be used in many cases but the most obvious is going to court. If a bigger company threatens a smaller company with going to court than it usually results in that the smaller company gets scared and are willing to talk before it gets to court. And we all know that this is the best outcome for the bigger company aswell since they also do not want to go to court due to the expenses, time and emotions lost plus risk of actually loosing the case.Thus it is clear that the threat is stronger than its execution!

Ah interesting! what else will you teach us

My talk brings up many chess secrets and insights like: the role of preparation, how to prepare, how to analyse a position, a process for decision making, exchange sacrifice! how to in a limited amount of time single out what data that is important, how to sort out information, how to visualize a result, how to set a strategy, how to predict a negotiation and many more interesting insights from the chess world and my experience that are not yet widely known to the corporate world.

My talk/lecture can also be combined with a chess exhibition It is also possible to combine the talk to your employees, department, management team, students or business partners with a chess exhibition.The exhibition could be either a:

  • Chess simul - where I play against many people at the same time
  • or a Blindfold exhibition - where I play against your employees or students without seeing the board!

This sounds very interesting how do we book you

I am currently preparing a US tour together with my agent Taurus Bailey so feel free to reach out to us and than we can book you in.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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