Another tournament victory of Aczel Gergely (HUN)

The average of the GM section was 2421 with a 7 points GM norm. The winner, like last November when he last started, was Aczel Gergely (HUN). He is a champion of several kinds of internet mind games and proved again his extraordinary skills at chess too. Stylishly to his name (that means steel in English) he built up extremely solid positions which were hardly possible to crack. He suffered his only loss in the last round when he took too much risk by avoiding repetitions in hope of reaching a 2900 TPR. Finaly he had to do with his second GM norm even so topping his rivals with one and a half points.

IM ACZEL, Gergely (HUN)

The tournament brought quality chess in many games two of which were awarded with Rozsa Karoly brilliancy prize. This special award was established just recently by Dr. Norm Saba a professor from Arizona (USA), who made this generous offer for the memory of his Hungarian chess-friend who had revealed him the endless beauty in chess. GM Czebe Attila won first price leading a nice attack against IM Mulyiar Michael A (USA) while the latter won the second price with a sharp but accurate play in the Botvinnik system against GM Pacher Milan. All games are available at:

Valdes Romero Leonardo of Costa Rica, Olympic representative of his country for nine times, has decided to fight for the GM-title and this time he was very close to his first norm. He simply needs more tournaments and may succeed soon.

First Saturday GM 2-12th September 2017, Budapest – Final Ranking

A 19 year old young man, Yelisieiev Yevhenii of Dnipropetrovsk (UKR) won the IM section by convincing play. It was his second IM norm shortly after Pardubice Open (CZE) in July. He was awarded the third brilliancy prize by his victory against IM Sandor Farago. He is coached by master-trainer GM Gennadi Gutman (UKR). All players of the group have some FIDE titles so the competition was rather balanced. Lyell Mark (ENG) already has got all the three necessary IM-norms and he is on the right course to achieve the 2400 for sealing his IM title.


The only female participant Juhasz Barbara (HUN) defeated two IM-s but missed the WIM norm due to some careless moves in promising positions.

First Saturday IM 2-12th September 2017, Budapest – Final Ranking

A 74 years old senior IM Eperjesi Laszlo Dr. (HUN) took first place in the higher rating group giving some instructive endgame lessons for his inexperienced young opponents.


16 year old Albi Bachini Conti Silvia (ITA) the only woman player of the rating group benefitted the most of the event winning almost 80 FIDE rating points.


The youngest master candidate, the 10 years old Tancsa Tamas (HUN) also received votes for brilliancy prize by his won game against Takacs Zsolt Otto.

First Saturday FM 2-12th September 2017, Budapest – Final Ranking

The lowest rating section delivered the most sensations. Two players shared first place tied with 7.5 points won. Tarimo, Didik Widiarso (INA) played with great ambitions. He said he had never had enough time for chess but now as a fresh pensioner he would devote all his free time for chess.

TARIMO D. Widiarso (INA)

10 years old Chubakov Sultan of Kyrgyzstan plays endgames already on master’s level and his dream to be a top GM once seems to be a real objective.


CHUBAKOV, Sultan and his grandmother who is a medical doctor

First Saturday Development Group 2-12th September 2017, Budapest – Final Ranking

Management and working staff of the Hotel Berlin Budapest provided great support with kind hospitality for the chess events.

The traditional group photo – September 2017

The family of the organizer, sitting second from left IO Nagy Laszlo, with Nagy Tamas on his left who is the webmaster of since his age of 13…

Next First Saturday events are scheduled at: GM, IM and FIDE-rating groups: 7-17th October; 4-14th November; 2-12th December 2017

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Written by: Miklos Orso IA, Chief Arbiter