IM Annaberdiev wins 1st Saturday


The 2018 First Saturday tournament series started in the studio hall of the Hotel Berlin in Budapest. The tournament hall is large and bright connected to a sound-proof room for analysis providing perfect playing conditions.

Regularly a large number Turkmen delegation comes to Budapest every year coached by GM Annageldyev Orazly, former President of the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan. This year only one representative arrived yet but he continued the successful play of Turkmen players in Budapest. Annaberdiev Meilis was fighting hard to complete his GM requirements but failed it by half a point. He currently lives and works in Turkey as a professional chess coach.

All the three GM-s showed up great form so there was not too much chance left for the candidates to achieve any title norms. However, a young FIDE Master, Jablonicky Martin (SVK) almost hit the IM norm missing it also with only half a point. His consolation may be 27 FIDE rating points won. He would have deserved the norm by his skillful and innovative play, but missed great winning chances against the strongest opponents.

The greatest Hungarian chess opens are coming soon. First the Budapest Spring Festival scheduled for 18-26th April 2018 following the First Saturday April tournaments.

The Accommodation Manager of the grandiose event is IO Laszlo Nagy who can offer optimal accommodation opportunities in Budapest.

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The traditional Zalakaros Chess Festival is scheduled for 25th May-2nd June that may be well combined with the First Saturday June events.

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Report is written by: IM Orso Miklos