India leads Group A at Online Chess Olympiad, ahead of China and Germany


Chess Olympiad: India leads Group A, ahead of China and Germany

China, India, and Germany won all three matches on the first day of play at the Top Division of the Online Chess Olympiad.

Since India won its matches by a bigger score, they top the group temporarily, ahead of the theoretical favorite, China. India only conceded one defeat and two draws in the 18 games played so far.

China and Germany won't cross swords until the 6th round (Saturday), while the decisive match China will not happen until the 9th and last round (Sunday). 

Round 1

China 5 : 1 Uzbekistan

Zimbabwe 0 : 6 India

Germany 3½ : 2½ Indonesia

Mongolia 2 : 4 Vietnam

Georgia 2½ : 3½ Iran

Round 2

Indonesia 1½ : 4½ China

Vietnam 2 : 4 India

Iran 2½ : 3½ Germany

Mongolia 3 : 3 Georgia

Uzbekistan 5½ : ½ Zimbabwe

Round 3

China 4 : 2 Iran

India 5½ : ½ Uzbekistan

Germany 4½ : 1½ Mongolia

Georgia 2 : 4 Vietnam

Zimbabwe 0 : 6 Indonesia


This vent is FIDE’s response to the postponement of the “traditional” Chess Olympiad, which was planned to take place between Moscow and Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) in August, 2020. Involving more than 3,000 participants, the event was rescheduled to 2021, shortly after the IOC had also announced the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

With the support of Gazprom as General Partner, the government of the Ugra region as Official Partner, and as the playing platform, the first FIDE Online Olympiad is the latest example of how chess has adapted to the coronavirus crisis. Despite having to cancel all official events played over the board -including flagship competitions like the Candidates Tournament and the World Championship match-, chess has thrived during the global lockdown.

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