Jonny, Texel, and Laser pull ahead at TCEC Div 2


Jonny, Texel and Laser have registered a fantastic start at Division 2 of premier computer chess championship TCEC. The three engines have collected 7,5/10 each, with the closest competition being already 2,5 points behind. Texel and Jonny are traditionally strong engines and have been dubbed division favorites before the start of the event. It is Laser, which qualified from Division 3 that can spoil their party, as only two engines will qualify for the prestigious Division 1.

Fritz, which dominated the field in Division 3, is now at fourth position with 5,0/10, with little chance to qualify or relegate. It will have its own mid-table battle with the newly updated Vajolet and Arasan.

Bobcat and Wasp are at the last positions. While the first did not manage to provide an update for this season, the latter did, but is lacking something to provide competitive chess in the first rounds of the division.

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TCEC Division 2 standings

  1. Jonny 7,5/10
  2. Texel 7,5/10
  3. Laser 7,5/10
  4. Fritz 5,0/10
  5. Vajolet 4,5/10
  6. Arasan 4,5/10
  7. Bobcat 2,5/10
  8. Wasp 1,0/10