Lomasov and Bodnaruk victorious in Moscow


International master Semen Lomasov celebrated victory in the 2018 Moscow Open Men’s Cup of Russia with a convincing 8,0/9 score. Before the last round the 15-year old chess player was half a point ahead of his followers, and he managed to win over FIDE master Maksim Samusenko (Tatarstan) in the last game.

Tamir Nabaty (Israel) with half a point less is a silver medalist. In his last game he won over international master Vladimir Zakhartsov (Moscow).

International master Maksim Vavulin, FIDE master Nikita Afanasiev (both from Moscow) and grandmaster Artyom Timofeev (Kazan) shared the third place. Vavulin wins a bronze medal due to tie-breaks.

It should be noted that 220 chess players from 29 countries of the world took part in the tournament.

Semen Lomasov

Grandmaster Anastasia Bodnaruk achieved victory in the 2018 Moscow Open Women’s Cup of Russia tournament. After a loss in the first round the titled chess player from St. Petersburg managed to win eight games in a row that allowed her to be one point ahead of the rest of the field.

Alina Kashlinskaya and Polina Shuvalova (both from Moscow), Marina Nechaeva (Moscow region) and Iulija Osmak (Ukraine) scored 7 points each. Kashlinskaya wins a silver medal, and a bronze medal goes to Nechaeva due to tie-breaks.

Daria Charochkina, Daria Voit (both from Moscow), Aydan Hojjatova (Azerbaijan), Swaminathan Soumya (India) and Baira Kovanova (Saratov) scored 6,5 points.

Anastasia Bodnaruk

120 female chess players from 12 countries were struggling for the victory.

Photos by Galina Popova