New Speed Chess Tournament an Exciting Success


New Speed Chess Tournament an Exciting Success

Chess Masters Shreyas Smith and Malaku Lorne dominated the M.R. Games Chess Open that took place on August 25-26 at the University of the West Indies. The tournament was the first event for the new entertainment business and was a resounding success.

The rapid section on August 25 saw sixty-eight players battling over five rounds of games with each player having 20 minutes and 5 second increments each to finish. Smith, who was fresh off his victory at the Masters Knockout Invitational, had a remarkable start defeating National Women's Champion Krishna Gray, Nathan Hinds, and National Master Andrew Mellace. However he suffered a demoralizing loss to FIDE Master (FM) Marcus Joseph of Trinidad and Tobago in the 4th round. Smith made a simple tactical error to lose his bishop after a few moves in a sharp opening game. He was still able to recover and defeat FM Joshua Christie in the fifth round. There was a five way tie for 1st place with 4 points, but Smith successfully captured the title on tiebreaks. Former several time national champion FM Warren Elliott placed second, followed by Malik Curriah, FM Malaku Lorne, and Akeem Browm, all finishing on 4 points. Woman Candidate Master Margoe Williams was the best female player.

In the under-16 section Nicholas Lyn took first with 4.5 points, followed by Adani Clarke, Raehana Brown, and Justin Watts in second who all finished on 3.5 points. Daren McKennis captured the under 12 section, when he equaled Jaden Shaw's 4.5 points but was better on tie breaks.

The blitz division, which took place on August 26, allotted 4 minutes with 2 second increments to each player to complete the game. FIDE Master Malaku Lorne showcased a blistering start with a perfect 8 points from 8 games. However he was set back and deteated by Andrew Mellace in an exciting 9th round clash. FM Joshua Christie of St Jago High defeated Raheem Glaves in the 9th round to share first place. However Lorne took the title on tiebreaks, having beaten Christie in their head to head third round clash. Daren McKennis of Campion College and Christopher Lyn of Excelsior High were victorious in the Under 12 and Under 16 sections respectively.

International Master (elect) and seven time national champion Shane Matthews performed an intense and remarkable timed simultaneous exhibition with 20 junior players. This involved playing all the players at the same time with limited time for him to finish each game. That learning experience for the junior players was also a fundraiser for charity. Part proceeds from the event are to be donated to the National Children's Home. The event was sponsored by PROVEN Wealth, Tastee Limited, The Gleaner, Marc Francis Ramsay & Company and Guardian Life Limited.

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Full results:


Open Section:

1st CM Shreyas Smith 

2nd FM Warren Elliott                                                           

3rd NM Malik Curriah                                                           

4th FM Malaku Lorne

5th NM Akeem Brown

Best female WCM Margoe Williams         

Rating Between 1801 and 2000:

1st NM Malik Curriah 

2nd NM Akeem Brown

3rd Nathan Hinds

Rating Between 0 and 1800

1st WCM Margoe Williams

2nd Christopher Lyn

3rd Jordan Valence 

Under 16 Section

1st Nicholos Lyn                           

2nd WCM Adani Clarke                

3rd Raehanna Brown                     

4th Justin Watts

5th Nathan Walsh 

Age Group Under 14 

1st Nicholos Lyn                   

2nd Raehanna Brown 

3rd Justin Watts

Best Female Under 16 WCM Adani Clarke and Raehanna Brown 

Under 12 Section Final        

1st Darren Mckennis                    

2nd Jaden Shaw                             

3rd John Stephenson                     

4th Amy Stephenson

5th CM Anthony Lyn

Age Group Under 10    

1st Cameron Coe                      

2nd Malachi Norgaard 

3rd Ksenia Spaulding

Best Female Under 12 Amy Stephenson


Open Section:  

1st FM Malaku Lorne             

2nd FM Joshua Christie

3rd FM Marcus Joseph 

4th NM Andrew Mellace

5th Adrian Palmer   

Best Female WCM Margoe Williams

Under 16 Section Final     

1st Christopher Lyn                  

2nd Nicholas Lyn

3rd Raehanna Brown

4th Justin Watts

5th Antonic Chung

Best Female Under 16 Raehanna Brown

Under 12 Section Final    

1st Darren Mckennis               

2nd Jaden Shaw

3rd Armani Dyer

4th CM Anthony Lyn

5th Zane Chung 

Best Female Under 12 Ksenia Spaulding