Objective and Accurate Analysis in the NEW decade!


Objective and Accurate Analysis in the NEW decade!

Yesterday, I purposely posted a headline "Future World Champion leads Tata Steel Masters...."

Many people IMMEDIATELY had a reaction. Some in agreement, some disagreed, and some even insulted my intelligence, etc.

  1. I never said Classical World Champion. It could be Rapid (which he finished 2nd a month ago and he is only 16), Blitz, or even Fischer Random. And yes, it could also be Classical Chess as well.

  2. And even if I am wrong, the point is ANYONE should be entitled to their opinions without being attacked or insulted.

So imagine if I can get this kind of reaction from a provocative headline on purpose to prove the point, what will people do to each other on other serious issues such as Brexit, Iran, Russia, the Royal Family, US politics, etc. This is why the media throw out "provocative" headlines on purpose. They want a reaction from you and usually they succeed.

Many of you are chess players. Therefore, stop, think, then calmly analyze things objectively and accurately! A quick emotion reaction is usually not a good way to go!

Happy New Decade! ๐Ÿ˜

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there is a pandemic of emotional immaturity. Dumbing us down for control has it's downside.