One player dominated 1st Yuri Eliseev Memorial


The fifth round of the tournament in memory of Yuri Eliseev (1996-2016) was played at the Tigran Petrosian Chess Club in Moscow.

Vladimir Fedoseev defeated Mikhail Antipov to win the first prize with 4.5 points out of 5. Daniil Dubov won against Maxim Matlakov to become a silver medalist - 3.5 points. Having outplayed Alexandr Predke, Vladislav Artemiev shared 3-4 places with Maxim Matlakov (2.5 points).

Final standings:

  1. Vladimir Fedoseev - 4.5, 2. Daniil Dubov - 3.5, 3-4. Maxim Matlakov, Vladislav Artemiev - 2.5, 5. Alexandr Predke - 1.5, 6. Mikhail Antipov - 0.5.

November 20 is the tournament’s free day. The second part of the event starts on November 21. The line-up is Daniil Dubov, Aleksandr Predke, Mikhail Antipov, Dmitry Gordievsky, Klementy Sychev (all from Russia), and Vladislav Kovalev (Belarus).

Photos by Eteri Kublashvili