The 12th Pavlodar Open is taking place from 21-29th November at the Estaya St. 83 in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

The event is the 3rd stage of the Kazakhstan Cup and is organized by the Pavlodar Chess Federation and Kazakhstan Chess Federation.

The playing format is 10-round Swiss and the tournament will be valid for FIDE rating and norms.

101 players from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine participate in the event. The prize fund is 7700 EUR, with the first prize being 1300 EUR.

Pavlodar is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and the capital of Pavlodar Province. It is located 350 km northeast of the national capital Astana, and 400 km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. As of 2010, the city has a population of 331,710.

Participants (top 20):

1 GM Stupak Kirill BLR 2586
2 GM Vorobiov Evgeny E. RUS 2555
3 IM Obolenskikh Dmitry RUS 2539
4 GM Burmakin Vladimir RUS 2519
5 GM Gabrielian Artur RUS 2507
6 IM Khegay Dmitriy RUS 2502
7 GM Gasanov Eldar UKR 2488
8 IM Khusenkhojaev Muhammad TJK 2451
9 IM Tologontegin Semetey KGZ 2426
10 GM Nevostrujev Vladimir RUS 2419
11 GM Kostenko Petr KAZ 2416
12 IM Akhmetov Ayan KAZ 2416
13 FM Anikonov Dmitry RUS 2400
14 FM Agmanov Zhandos KAZ 2397
15 FM Kazakov Konstantin KAZ 2390
16 FM Boiarintsev Vitaly RUS 2375
17 FM Chekletsov Ilya RUS 2372
18 IM Egorov Evgeny KAZ 2326
19 IM Gnusarev Pavel KAZ 2313
20 FM Suleymenov Alisher KAZ 2301