Special record of Aczel Gergely at First Saturday Budapest


Special record of Aczel Gergely at First Saturday Budapest

IM Aczel Gergely (26, HUN) has hit a special record in the First Saturday October GM tournament. He first started his winning series last November and by now he performed his third GM norm in Budapest, so his title is just a question of time. Nobody has ever won the GM section three times in a year. He holds high university degrees in the science of physics and in applied mathematics. He is grateful to his first chess teacher Buzas Gyula (HUN) who had taught him of long term strategic planning.

IM ACZÉL, Gergely HUN) – 3rd GM norm

IM Kantor Gergely (18, HUN) was again just a step away of his first GM performance.

IM KÁNTOR, Gergely (HUN)

CM Nguyen Van Thanh (15, VIE) former U14 Champion of Asia achieved his first IM norm. He stays in Hungary for longer time just for chess. He is a member of the Hoang Trang Chess Society in Budapest.

CM NGUYEN, Van Thanh (VIE) – 1st IM norm

First Saturday GM 7-17th October 2017 Budapest

There was a dramatic fight for IM norms in the IM section.

The two leading candidates both lost in the final round when needed half or one more points respectively. Bick Gabriel (18, USA), however, can be partly consoled by 75 FIDE rating points won. He decided to stay some month in Hungary for taking part in other international competitions. It is nice to see players from 5 countries of 3 continents in such a small group.

BICK, Gabriel (USA) – missed IM-norm by half a point

First Saturday IM 7-17th October 2017 Budapest

Gahan M G (IND) missed his possibility for IM-norm, instead of winning in the last round he lost.


The higher rating group was mainly dominated by the experienced IM-s. However, the youngest participant, Tancsa Tamas (10, HUN) is the real winner, collecting over a hundred rating points. His coach GM Szabo Krisztian (HUN) who is also very young can be proud of him. His results and his quick development underlines the importance of high level coaching if someone would like to be successful in chess.

TANCSA, Tamás (HUN) (10 years old)

First Saturday FM 7-17th October 2017 Budapest

WAISBERG, Arnold (85, ISR) – the oldest player of the event

As usual, there was a development group too giving opportunities for players with lower rating levels.

First Saturday Development 7-17th October 2017 Budapest

The player from most far away, Indonesia, Mr TARIMO, Didik Widiarso

During the tournament with the sponsorship of a USA medical doctor Mr Norm Saba we declared game brilliancy price in memoriam of the passed away Hungarian chess friend of the doctor, Mr RÓZSA, Károly. The first prize went to KANTOR-NITIN in the GM-section. You can see the games here.

Dr RÓZSA, Károly (HUN), scientist and chess-player, R.I.P.

Mr TAKACS wears proudly the FS T-shirt, our present to the players

Thanks for the Hotel Berlin Budapest staff for their kind hospitality.

The traditional group photo – 2017 October

The next First Saturday Budapest events (GM, IM and FIDE Rating sections) are scheduled at 4-14th November shortly followed by the traditional Tenkes Cup 16-23rd November which takes place in Harkany which is a famous spa and holiday spot 250 km South of Budapest.

More info of all groups with all the games, photos and archive can be found at www.firstsaturday.hu

Contact: Nagy Laszlo IO E-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net
Photos by Somogyi Kristof
Written by IM Orso Miklos