Super Strong Isle of Man Chess To Start Tomorrow


Isle of Man Starting List

​Full list of chess players here:

The 2018 Isle of Man International Masters gets underway at 2.15 pm tomorrow (20 October), when our guest of honour will be the Chief Minister, Howard Quayle MHK. The venue is the Royal Hall of the Villa Marina.

We are anticipating 165 chess players from 37 countries. I would like to welcome all those players that have already reached the island and wish safe travels to those of you who are currently en route.

A reminder that all those participants who arrive on the island tonight should email me to confirm that they’ve arrived safely: We anticipate that the first round pairings will be published no later than 11.30 am tomorrow.

I would like to thank the Scheinberg family for their generous sponsorship, making this event possible. I would also like to thank Isle of Man Department for Enterprise for providing us with the venue and Manx Technology Group for providing technical assistance.

The prize fund in the Masters is GBP 137,500. In addition, there are ACP Special Prizes provided with the kind sponsorship of Archibaldchess. Please see this link for full details:

Alan Ormsby

Tournament Director

19 October 2018

ACP Special Prizes

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ACP is glad to announce its special prizes for the Isle of Man Open 2018. We have managed to provide a special additional prize fund for the ACP Members for the amount of 5000 GBP thanks to the generous sponsorship of Archibaldchess.

The prizes will be distributed as follows:

Three prizes (1500-1000-500 GBP) in the Open section for players who didn't win a higher regular/rating prize in the tournament. The prizes will not be tied, and will be awarded to the three highest ranked ACP Premium Members, who haven't won a higher regular/rating prize.

Three prizes for women (1000-600-400 GBP) for the top three highest ranked ACP Premium Members. These prizes are compatible with the regular/special prizes in the tournament. These special ACP prizes will not be tied.

Eligibility - the players must be actual ACP Premium Members before October 21, 2018.

Tie-break (for deciding who receives the award of a trophy):

In the event of two players tying for first place in the open (i.e. not applicable to the ladies’ awards),

the winner of the tournament (plus an extra £500 prize money) will be decided by a play-off on the

evening of 28 October, after the completion of all round-9 games. The play-off will consist of two

blitz games with a rate of play of 5 minutes plus an increment of 2 seconds a move, with colours to

be determined by the toss of a coin. If the blitz match finishes equal then the winner will be

determined by Armageddon with 5 minutes for White and 4 minutes for Black, plus an increment of

2 seconds a move from move 61, Black having draw odds. A toss of a coin will determine colours.

In the event of three or more players tying for first place, the top two will be determined by tiebreak, in the following order of priority, and will enter the play-off described above:

The results between the players involved in the tie

Sum of progressive score

Sum of opponents’ scores (Buchholz)


Number of won games

British Championship Qualifier:

The highest placed eligible player not already qualified shall qualify for the right to play in the 2018 British Championship, subject to ECF regulations.


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