“The game of chess for me is a game of life”


North Texas Bus Driver Spends Time Off Playing Chess With Students
By Larry Collins

A North Texas bus driver is on a mission to find unique ways to inspire students in school and in life.

Donald Harris tries to spend every minute he has with students at Duncanville High School inspiring them in some way.

“By the time they get to school they have already been to some type of school on the bus,” he smiled.

At the beginning of every school year, Harris affixes dozens of banner, stickers and pennants of colleges from around the country to the inside of his bus. They remain all year and he hopes they inspire conversations about higher education that will lead to a desire for secondary education.

“This will forever be in their minds and hopefully a lot of them will do great things in life,” he said.

Harris has become more than a bus driver. He’s now more of a mentor and friend.

“I come from a broken home. I come from a messed up situation and I know what it is to miss opportunity,” he said. “I don't want them to have to miss [out] and go through some of the things that I have had to.”

But, the ride to school is just the beginning. He returns to the high school during lunch periods with a chess board and some life lessons.

“The game of chess for me is a game of life,” he said.

Harris said there are valuable lessons on confidence, vision and sportsmanship in every game.

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