The power of Russian Chess on display at World Team Championships


Russia wins top match against China

The third round of the World Team Championships in Astana features the most anticipated encounter in the whole open section. Both teams with a rating average over 2700 face each other in a duel which may already turn out to be decisive.

How would China react after yesterday’s defeat against the United States? Would they try and strike back immediately or rather play it safe? It is actually hard to guess the pre match strategy of each team, but Russia clearly seemed to pin their hope on their white boards. Indeed, Ian Nepomniachtchi is always dangerous in such crucial matches and young rising star Vladislav Artemiev has scored 2 wins so far. This proved very effective, as Nepomniachtchi managed to put Yu Yangyi under unpleasant pressure and eventually won within less than 3 hours. Artemiev also stood better at the start but then committed a mistake which put him in danger. But his class and composure allowed him to save the game despite being a knight down. For more details about his game, you may want to listen to his thorough after-game analysis on the YouTube channel of FIDE - .

The Chinese did not manage to create serious problems on their own white boards, so that Sergey Karjakin and Alexander Grischuk comfortably held against Ding Liren and Wei Yi. With this second loss, it is clear that China will hardly be in contention for the gold medal anymore. As England and the United States of America tied 2-2, Russia is now the sole leader of the open section. India moves to joint second thanks to a large win against Egypt, whereas Kazakhstan is 6th after a good draw against Azerbaijan. All individual results and standings of the open section can be found at .

There were no big clash in the women’s section and the favourites overcame this 3rd round with a victory. The young Kazakh team fought valiantly against China but eventually lost by a thread. Lei Tingjie explains her nice victory at . Russia and China are still in the lead with a perfect score, ahead of the Ukraine. All results and standings are available on the tournament website - .

The fourth round will start on Wednesday March 8th at 3 pm in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary in English and Russian can be followed at .

Preview of Round 4

FIDE World Team Championship 2019

Round 3 results

​iri-swe Maghsoodloo, Parham Grandelius, Nils 1-0
iri-swe Tikkanen, Hans Idani, Pouya ½-½
iri-swe Tabatabaei, M.amin Smith, Axel 1-0
iri-swe Johansson, Linus Firouzja, Alireza 0-1

egy-ind Amin, Bassem Adhiban, B. 0-1
egy-ind Sasikiran, Krishnan Adly, Ahmed ½-½
egy-ind Fawzy, Adham Ganguly, Surya Shekhar 0-1
egy-ind Aravindh, Chithambaram VR. Abdelnabbi, Imed 1-0

chn-rus Ding, Liren Karjakin, Sergey ½-½
chn-rus Nepomniachtchi, Ian Yu, Yangyi 1-0
chn-rus Wei, Yi Grischuk, Alexander ½-½
chn-rus Artemiev, Vladislav Bu, Xiangzhi ½-½

eng-usa Adams, Michael Swiercz, Dariusz ½-½
eng-usa Sevian, Samuel McShane, Luke J ½-½
eng-usa Howell, David W L Onischuk, Alexander ½-½
eng-usa Lenderman, Aleksandr Jones, Gawain C B ½-½

aze-kaz Jumabayev, Rinat Naiditsch, Arkadij ½-½
aze-kaz Mamedov, Rauf Ismagambetov, Anuar 0-1
aze-kaz Kazhgaleyev, Murtas Guseinov, Gadir ½-½
aze-kaz Abasov, Nijat Kostenko, Petr 1-0

Open section

Round 4, 2019/03/08 at 15.00

Sweden – Azerbaijan
United States of America - Kazakhstan
Russia – England
India – China
Iran – Egypt

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section

Round 3 results

egy-rus Kosteniuk, Alexandra Wafa, Shahenda 1-0
egy-rus Wafa, Shrook Gunina, Valentina 0-1
egy-rus Goryachkina, Aleksandra Elansary, Eman 1-0
egy-rus Ehab, Tasneem Girya, Olga 0-1

arm-ind Karavade, Eesha Danielian, Elina ½-½
arm-ind Mkrtchian, Lilit Soumya, Swaminathan 1-0
arm-ind Padmini, Rout Sargsyan, Anna M. 1-0
arm-ind Gevorgyan, Maria Kulkarni, Bhakti 0-1

chn-kaz Tan, Zhongyi Abdumalik, Zhansaya ½-½
chn-kaz Saduakassova, Dinara Shen, Yang 1-0
chn-kaz Lei, Tingjie Assaubayeva, Bibisara 1-0
chn-kaz Nakhbayeva, Guliskhan Ding, Yixin 0-1

geo-usa Abrahamyan, Tatev Khotenashvili, Bela 0-1
geo-usa Javakhishvili, Lela Nemcova, Katerina 1-0
geo-usa Yip, Carissa Batsiashvili, Nino ½-½
geo-usa Melia, Salome Wu, Rochelle 1-0

hun-ukr Muzychuk, Mariya Hoang, Thanh Trang 1-0
hun-ukr Gara, Anita Muzychuk, Anna ½-½
hun-ukr Gaponenko, Inna Terbe, Julianna 1-0
hun-ukr Havanecz, Bianka Buksa, Nataliya ½-½

Round 4, 2019/03/08 at 15.00

Egypt – Hungary
Georgia – Ukraine
Kazakhstan – United States of America
Armenia – China
Russia – India