The Schachbundesliga championship tournament will take place in Karlsruhe

Susan Polgar

Fight for the German Championship

The Schachbundesliga championship tournament will take place in Karlsruhe from 16th to 20th September 2020. This tournament is an additional event and serves to determine the German team champion 2020, after the German Chess League interrupted play due to the Corona pandemic and will continue it in spring 2021. Among the eight teams, OSG Baden-Baden will start as the favourite.

Participation in this tournament is on a voluntary basis following a decision by all 16 Bundesliga clubs. In the end, eight clubs will take part, and in addition to the record holder Baden-Baden, Solingen, Deizisau, Viernheim and Bremen are likely to have a say in the hunt for the title. FC Bayern München, SF Berlin and the underdog Aachener SV complete the field.

As this is a "presence tournament", it will be interesting to see which players will travel to Karlsruhe. Even if one or the other star will perhaps be missing, chess fans can look forward to numerous grandmasters. From a German point of view, this concerns 15-year-old Vincent Keymer. The youngest German grandmaster starts for SF Deizisau. He made a big impression at the grandmaster tournament in Biel two months ago and would like to confirm his form in Karlsruhe.

The matches will be broadcast live on the internet and commentated by renowned grandmasters. Furthermore, several videos of the event will be produced daily and published on the YouTube channel of GRENKE Chess.

The championship tournament is a strong signal from the clubs of the Schachbundesliga and the organizer to put on an event representing top chess despite the Corona pandemic. This will of course be done in compliance with all the requirements of the responsible health authorities.

Key data championship tournament 2020

Date: 16 - 20.09.2020

Venue: Garden Hall of the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre, Festplatz 3, 76137 Karlsruhe

Organizer: Schachzentrum Baden-Baden e.V. in cooperation with OSG Baden-Baden 1922 e.V. and the GRENKE Group

Mode: 7 rounds system, 8 teams

Consideration time: 90 min 40 moves, 30 min rest, 30 sec time credit from the first move.

Live: The games are broadcast online and commented by renowned grandmasters. Spectators are not allowed in the games room!

Live coverage via the official website:

Videos on YouTube:

Miscellaneous: Compared to the 2019 ranking list, the ranking list may contain changes on 4 boards of a team, i.e. a player of the season may be deleted and a new player may be entered for this purpose (on up to 4 boards).

Schedule Championship Tournament 2020

1st round on 16.09.2020 at 2pm (CET)

OSG Baden-Baden - SF Deizisau
FC Bayern München - SC Viernheim
SF Berlin - Aachener SV
SG Solingen - SV Werder Bremen

2nd round on 17.09.2020 at 10am (CET)

SF Deizisau - SV Werder Bremen
Aachener SV - SG Solingen
SC Viernheim - SF Berlin
OSG Baden-Baden - FC Bayern München

3rd round on 17.09.2020 at 5pm (CET)

FC Bayern München - SF Deizisau
SF Berlin - OSG Baden-Baden
SG Solingen - SC Viernheim
SV Werder Bremen - Aachener SV

4th round on 18.09.2020 at 2pm (CET)

SF Deizisau - Aachener SV
SC Viernheim - SV Werder Bremen
OSG Baden-Baden - SG Solingen
FC Bayern München - SF Berlin

5th round on 19.09.2020 at 10am (CET)

SF Berlin - SF Deizisau
SG Solingen - FC Bayern München
SV Werder Bremen - OSG Baden-Baden
Aachener SV - SC Viernheim

6th round on 19.09.2020 at 5pm (CET)

SF Deizisau - SC Viernheim
OSG Baden-Baden - Aachener SV
FC Bayern München - SV Werder Bremen
SF Berlin - SG Solingen

7th round on 20.09.2020 at 11am (CET)

SG Solingen - SF Deizisau
SV Werder Bremen - SF Berlin
Aachener SV - FC Bayern München
SC Viernheim - OSG Baden-Baden