The Tiger continues to roar at Swedish Championship while Tikkanen keeps pace


Standings after 8 rounds

Round 8

Grandelius, Nils Cramling, Pia ½-½

Seo, Jung Min Hector, Jonny ½-½

Smith, Axel Von Bahr, Oskar ½-½

Tikkanen, Hans Blomqvist, Erik 1-0

Westerberg, Jonathan Hillarp Persson, Tiger 0-1

Round 7

Blomqvist, Erik Von Bahr, Oskar 1-0

Cramling, Pia Westerberg, Jonathan ½-½

Hector, Jonny Grandelius, Nils ½-½

Hillarp Persson, Tiger Tikkanen, Hans 1-0

Seo, Jung Min Smith, Axel ½-½

Round 6

Grandelius, Nils Seo, Jung Min ½-½

Smith, Axel Blomqvist, Erik ½-½

Tikkanen, Hans Cramling, Pia ½-½

Von Bahr, Oskar Hillarp Persson, Tiger 0-1

Westerberg, Jonathan Hector, Jonny 1-0

Round 5

Cramling, Pia Von Bahr, Oskar ½-½

Grandelius, Nils Smith, Axel ½-½

Hector, Jonny Tikkanen, Hans 0-1

Hillarp Persson, Tiger Blomqvist, Erik ½-½

Seo, Jung Min Westerberg, Jonathan 0-1

Round 4

Blomqvist, Erik Cramling, Pia ½-½

Smith, Axel Hillarp Persson, Tiger ½-½

Tikkanen, Hans Seo, Jung Min 1-0

Von Bahr, Oskar Hector, Jonny 0-1

Westerberg, Jonathan Grandelius, Nils 0-1

Round 3

Cramling, Pia Hillarp Persson, Tiger 0-1

Grandelius, Nils Tikkanen, Hans 0-1

Hector, Jonny Blomqvist, Erik ½-½

Seo, Jung Min Von Bahr, Oskar ½-½

Westerberg, Jonathan Smith, Axel ½-½

Round 2

Blomqvist, Erik Seo, Jung Min 0-1

Hillarp Persson, Tiger Hector, Jonny ½-½

Smith, Axel Cramling, Pia ½-½

Tikkanen, Hans Westerberg, Jonathan 1-0

Von Bahr, Oskar Grandelius, Nils 0-1

Round 1

Grandelius, Nils Blomqvist, Erik 1-0

Hector, Jonny Cramling, Pia 1-0

Seo, Jung Min Hillarp Persson, Tiger ½-½

Tikkanen, Hans Smith, Axel ½-½

Westerberg, Jonathan Von Bahr, Oskar ½-½

All classes: Championship, Masters Elite, Masters, Seniors 50+, Seniors 65+, Juniors The Swedish Chess Championship takes place from 30 June to 8 July 2018 in Ronneby, Sweden. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 chess moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

The preparations are ready and now the nearly 600 chess players are invited to the spa town of Ronneby. Håkan Jalling, chairman of the competition committee, believes that many of the chess players will have a positive surprise.

“It’s amazingly beautiful here in Ronneby and the place where we have the SM competitions,” he says. Really very nice.

Ronneby Brunn is an attractive holiday resort known for the great beautiful Brunnsparken. The resort adjacent to the hotel expects 70,000 guests each year. Here you are really spoiled as a guest, spa treatments, massage, swimming, sunbathing

The Swedish chess champion class: Hans Tikkanen-Axel Smith, Jonathan Westerberg-Oskar Von Bahr, Nils Grandelius-Erik Blomqvist, Jung My Seo-Tiger Hillarp Persson and Jonny Hector-Pia Cramling.

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