The Tournament of Peace in Zagreb


We are excited to announce the resuscitation of famous Croatian tournament – The Tournament of Peace. The first Tournament of Peace was played in 1965 and then in 1975, 1980 and the last one in 1985.

The tournament itself was always one of the strongest 'round-robin' tournaments in the world. Some of the best world players combined with the best players from former republic of Yugoslavia made the tournament extremely interesting.

The most famous competitor was future world champion Bobby Fischer who won the tournament in 1970. Two more world chess champions also played on the tournament, Smislov and Petrosian. It is important to mention other great chess players such as: Portisch, Bronstein, Larssen, Hort, Kortchnoi, Andersson, Tringov, etc.

Reviving of such great tournament is of great importance for Croatian and European chess.

Born again, the Tournament of Peace will be held in Zagreb in hotel Palace (the same place where Fisher was staying in 1970) from 12th till 23rd November 2018.

The tournament is the 16th category of strength and will consist of six best GMs from city of Zagreb and six GMs from all over the world.


  1. Ivan Šarić (Current European chess champion)
  2. Vassily Ivanchuk (Top grandmaster)
  3. Etienne Bacrot (Eight time champion of France)
  4. Vladimir Malakhov (Winner of many medals at European and World championships)
  5. Ivan Cheparinov (Top class player, long second of former World Champion Topalov)
  6. Baskaran Adhiban (Upcoming star, Olympic medal winner with India)
  7. Amin Bassem (A multiple African champion)
  8. Mladen Palac (The winner of many OPEN tournaments)
  9. Robert Zelčić (The former champion in blitz of Europe)
  10. Zdenko Kožul (The former champion of Europe)
  11. Hrvoje Stević (Former cadet champion of the World)
  12. Zoran Jovanović (The best Croatian in blitz player)


11.11  Arrival to the tournament

12.11  Opening ceremony 15:00

12.11  1st round 15:30

13.11  2nd round 15:00

14.11  3rd round 15:00

15.11  4th round 15:00

16.11  5th round 15:00

17.11  6th round 15:00

18.11  Free day with simultanian display

19.11  7th round 15:00

20.11  8th round 15:00

21.11  9th round 15:00

22.11  10th round 15:00

23.11  11th round 11:00

Closing ceremony after the last round

Secretary of Zagreb chess federation

Krešimir Podravec