"Third Saturday Chess - Djenovici Montenegro" Second Season


The "Third Saturday - Djenovici Montenegro" International chess tournaments are organized every month from October throughout May at hotel Fiammanti in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

The first batch of chess tournaments - GM, IM and FM sections - will take place from 20-28th October 2018 with participants from ten countries: Japan, India, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro.

There is still one available place in the GM and the IM chess tournaments, and four places in the FM chess tournament.

GM chess tournament:

1.GM Kotronias Vasilios (GRE) 2487

2.GM Miroslav Miljkovic (SRB) 2484

3.GM Nebojša Nikcevic (MNE) 2424

4. IM Blažo Kalezic (MNE) 2448

5. IM Arseny Kargin (RUS) 2420

6. IM Kojima Shinya (JPN) 2408

7. IM Atakisi Umut (TUR) 2394

8. FM Theo Gungl (GER) 2347

9. Manush Shah (IND) 2302

10. ??

IM chess tournament:

  1. IM Boroljub Zlatanovic (SRB) 2359
  2. IM Ivan Sredojevic (SRB) 2316
  3. IM Tibor Farkaš (SRB) 2310
  4. Saksham Rautela (IND) 2292
  5. ??
  6. FM Joachim Mouhamad (FRA) 2266
  7. FM Šukovic Andrej (MNE) 2235
  8. Miroljub Cirovic (MNE) 2226
  9. Andersen Alf Roger (NOR) 2225
  10. Dudin Gleb (RUS) 2178

FM chess tournament:

  1. Ilic Slobodan (SRB) 2011
  2. Lazarevic Zoran (MNE) 1902
  3. Alena Ayzenberg (NOR) 1911
  4. Perisic Milutin (MNE) 1787
  5. Lakusic Zoran (MNE) 1708
  6. Sadbhav Rautela (IND) 1612

The chess tournaments “Third Saturday” (round robin closed tournaments) are suitable for players who want to achieve ELO points and/or GM and IM chess norms. The next events in 2018 are scheduled for October.

The series will include the following events:

  • GM group (2381-2450 ELO), 9-11 games, 90 min for 40 moves, plus 30 min till the end, with 30 sec increment from the start
  • IM group (2231-2300 ELO), 9-11 games, 90 min for 40 moves, plus 30 min till the end, with 30 sec increment from the start
  • FM A group (1900-2100 ELO)
  • FM B (Development) group (1600-1800 ELO)

Interested players can contact:

FM Goran Tomic

Third Saturday Chess Tournaments organizer

Viber, WhatsApp +382 67 301 030


Djenovici is a small touristic place, located 7 km from Herceg-Novi, with around 1300 residents. Situated at the mouth of the Tivat aquatorium of Boka Kotorska gulf, with 2km of long curved coast, Djenovici is one of the most beautiful villages in the Gulf.

Two major airports in Tivat and Dubrovnik are located very near Herceg Novi. Tivat: 22 km, Dubrovnik (Cilipi): 32 km